Off the beaten path: what to see and do in Gothenburg

Gothenburg city guide

Gothenburg is one of our most favorite cities in Sweden outside of Stockholm, which sometimes is overshadowed by the capital yet shouldn’t be.

Gothenburg’s history dates back thousands of years to the Stone Age, followed by the Middle Ages when it was primarily a trading center and remained so until it was officially established in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus II. In the later part of the 17th century, Gothenburg was primarily Dutch, however after the Treaty of Roskilde came into existence, the City grew into a major port and trade center and was the only city that was granted to trade with other nations. In the 18th century, Gothenburg flourished thanks to fishing and trade in the industry. Beginning in the 19th century and onto the 20th century, the City modernized and quickly grew in population. Today, Gothenburg is a wonderful destination offering visitors a plethora of cafes and shops, gorgeous views across the river, botanical gardens and modern architecture mixed in with historical sites that make this a unique city to visit. For those who plan to stop through Gothenburg while touring Sweden or even Europe, here are some off the beaten path places to explore.


Top European events that you won’t want to miss out on in 2020

Top European sporting events 2020

Some of us travel to enjoy an escape from chaos while others travel to experience more of it. From Grand Prix and French Open to Champions League and Euro 2020, Europe is gearing up for another fun-filled year for sports fanatics. Even if you’re not too big on sporting events or are heading to Europe for other reasons, you may end up being caught up in the celebrations. It’s another excuse to go out and enjoy the culture, meet new people and maybe even become a fan. So for those who are looking to do more than just sightseeing or love to watch tennis, soccer or cars, here are the top European events that you won’t want to miss out on in 2020.


What to do in London in November

What to do in London in November

London is by far one of the top most-visited cities with over 20.4 million tourists who traveled there in 2018. Although the prime time for many to spend time in this bustling city is the summer, we also love going here in the fall when the leaves have turned and fallen off, the weather requires a thick jacket, and the outdoors are starting to shine even brighter at night thanks to the strung lights around the city.

With prices falling after summer, traveling to London in November may be the best time for you to go if you’re looking for cheaper flights and accommodations. Plus, it can be just as fun and eventful as going when it’s warm. From festivals and winter markets to Bonfire Night and shows, here’s what you can do in London in November.


What awaits you in business class on Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia business class seat

Garuda Indonesia is one of Asia’s best airlines and part of the few that are certified five-stars for the service and products, both on the ground and in the air. And with a first class seat that’s more than just average, Garuda Indonesia business class is also a great option for those traveling to and from Asia. Moreover, the airline made it to the top 10 list of this year’s Best Business Class in the World, which takes into consideration all aspects of the premium cabin including dining, service, seat and amenities. So if you have yet to fly on Garuda Indonesia in business class, here’s what awaits for you onboard.


What to do in Bergen for a weekend getaway

Bergen city guide Norway

Norway has been a go-to place for travelers from all over the world who come to see the breathtaking scenery throughout the country. No matter if you’re in a large city like Oslo or a smaller region like Alta where the igloo hotels are located, Norway is full of memorable surprises that will last you a lifetime. Another destination in Norway that we can’t get enough of is Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city and unlike Oslo, Bergen is surrounded by fjords and mountains—a nature-lovers paradise.

Established in 1070 CE by King Olav Kyrre, Bergen was a Viking village but grew into Norway’s capital by the first part of the 13th century. (Oslo became the new capital at the turn of the 14th century.) For several hundred years, the City was a large trading center in Europe but was hit by the Plague several times, killing off thousands of residents. In the 18th century, the town was almost completely obliterated because of accidental fires, which occurred several times throughout its history and continued well into the 20th century. Nonetheless, Bergen recovered, growing into a popular tourist destination with many gems to explore. So for those of you who plan on heading to Norway’s “city of the seven mountains”, here are some things we recommend you check out on your upcoming trip.


Top 5 most beautiful destinations in Europe

Top 10 most beautiful destinations in Europe

When visiting Europe, many travelers are drawn to the larger city hubs such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Berlin, to name a few. All of these are beautiful destinations that have many gems to explore, but outside of those major cities lie other places that continue to maintain their beauty unobstructed by a concrete jungle. Such areas help level us (thanks to nature) and allow us to forget about the chaos around us.

No matter where you go in the world, you are bound to encounter magnificence that takes our breath away. From Northern to Southern Europe, here are the top 5 most beautiful destinations in Europe we recommend visiting at least once—be it one or all.


Welcome aboard Qantas’ newest interior on the A380

New Qantas A380 interior

Qantas has spent millions of dollars to refurbish their A380s, offering travelers a refined first class seat, new business class seats and even new premium economy seats in addition to new lounges located on the top floor. By the end of 2019, there will be three A380s flying and the rest will make their debut next year.

By working with Airbus, Qantas was able to utilize the aircraft to the best of its abilities effectively, in order for travelers to be able to enjoy all that the A380 has to offer them now and into the future. Following the refurbishment of the A380, Qantas plans to install their newest seats on other aircraft including the A330.


Another “redesigned” business class for Emirates is underway

Emirates redesigned business class seat

If you have already seen Emirates business class on the A380, then you’re familiar with the product featuring the not-so-desirable 2-2-2 layout on the Boeing 777. However, the airline has decided that their new Boeing 777X will feature a redesigned business class seat with a 1-2-1 layout—every passenger will be able to have direct aisle access.

Each Emirates redesigned business class seat on the Boeing 777X will have its own minibar located at the side of the seat. Unfortunately, due to the space on the Boeing 777X, showers and an onboard bar will not be available. Nonetheless, Emirates plans to install a small “common room” type of space in between the premium cabin for both business and first class to utilize.


Escape to Tulum: what to see and do in the ancient Mayan city

Tulum city guide

Tulum has become a popular destination for those who want to see a different part of Mexico outside of Cancun, Puerta Vallarta or Mexico City. Located on the coast of the Carribean, Tulum is known for the Mayan Ruins, beautiful beaches and breathtaking views all over the coast.

Established in the 13th century, Tulum, meaning wall, was one of the last cities built by the Mayans who inhabited the area for centuries until the Spanish conquest. Although the majority of Mayans abandoned the area in the 16th century, a few still came and sought shelter in Tulum during the Caste War of Yucatán and some even came by to worship until the 19th century. Today, Tulum offers visitors snorkeling and swimming in caves, discovering ancient ruins, excursions and more. So for those of you who are planning a vacation to this seaside destination, here are some gems to add to your list.


Top five destinations for the best fall foliage

Best destinations for fall foliage

The turning leaves, the crisper air, the migrating birds—all signs that fall is upon us. And with the changing season, many travelers search for the best fall getaways to escape the cold. Nonetheless, there are also many of us who want to book a trip where we can enjoy the beauty of fall, better known as fall foliage.

So where do we embark during these months to catch all that fall has to offer? Be it this year or next, here are our top five destinations around the world known for having the best fall foliage.