Inside the new Finnair Platinum Wing lounge in Helsinki

Finnair Business Class Lounge Helsinki

Last year, Finnair released a brand new business class seat that’s minimalistic yet has all the right touches to make your trip enjoyable. Now, Finnair is about to open a new premium lounge in Helsinki called the Platinum Wing.

Travelers that are Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum, and oneworld Emerald members are able to access the lounge, and until the upgraded business class lounge (a separate lounge) opens this summer, Finnair Plus Gold members will also be able to utilize the Finnair Platinum Wing lounge.


What it’s like inside Cathay Pacific A330 business class cabin

Cathay Pacific A330 business class

Cathay Pacific was number seven in the list of top ten best business class airlines and number nine in the best business class seat, based on the 2018 Skytrax Awards. Moreover, the airline was in the top ten list of having the best cabin crew in the world. And although it’s not number one in the world, Cathay Pacific does provide its business class passengers with a noteworthy product aboard their Airbus A330 (the same product that can also be found on the Boeing 777).


Bucharest city guide: exploring Romania’s cultural capital

Bucharest city guide

When one thinks of Romania, vampires and castles may be the first thing that comes to mind, but the country is full of much more than that. From cities to acres of land surrounded by pure nature, Romania is a destination that sometimes gets dismissed but shouldn’t be. One of our favorite places in this gorgeous country is Bucharest, and although the now capital is somewhat new compared to other cities in the world (first mentioned in 1459), it’s full of amazing lesser-known sites and alleys that can be easily missed.

So for those who have Bucharest on their list of go-to destinations, here are some hidden gems to add to your list.


Stay tuned for the new Qatar Airways A321neo business class

Qatar A321neo

It’s only been a few years since Qatar Airways revealed the luxurious business class seat called Qsuite, but since they are only available on specific airplanes, the carrier decided it needed another product for their newest aircraft, the A321neo.

Qatar Airways A321neo business class seat has yet to be revealed, but according to Akbar Al Baker, the CEO of Qatar Airways, this new business class is going to be a product that we have not yet seen before on any one of their aircraft.


These airlines outshine others by offering the best long-haul flight experience

best long-haul flight experience

Last year, Singapore Airlines took the title for world’s longest flight, which was a big win for this five-star airline. But they are not the only carrier that offers longer than average flights that are actually noteworthy. Many airlines understand that traveling more than 12 to 13 hours can be cumbersome, so providing the best service and comfortable seats is a must. Although there are numerous airlines out there, only a few stand out.

Let’s take a look at the airlines that are making traveling further, for longer periods of time without stopping, a stress-free experience.


A330 Air France business class: inside the $150 million USD investment

A330 Air France Business Class Seat

Over the past two years, Air France has unveiled a brand new business class seat for its Dreamliner, and more recently a fresh lounge for passengers to relax in, in Charles de Gaulle. But the B787 isn’t the only aircraft that received a makeover. Starting this year, the airline will be installing another business class seat across all of their Airbus A330-200s.

Air France has invested $150 million USD into redesigning all three cabins on this twin-aisle widebody jet, which will feature 36 seats in business class, 21 seats in premium economy and 167 in basic economy. Air France has integrated its color palette of blues and champagnes throughout the entire aircraft, along with hints of leather on the armchair, side panels and other areas throughout the premium cabin and seat.


World’s best cities for couples

With love in the air, and Valentine’s Day just a few days away, couples are (or have already begun) planning the details of how they will be spending the day, or even a few days, celebrating the day of love. From mini getaways to far-away destinations, choosing a place to spend time with your loved one can be hard to decide. So if you’re thinking of taking a break, here are a few of the world’s best cities (aside from Paris) for couples to enjoy their time together.


Aggregator versus consolidator: what’s the difference?

aggregator versus consolidator

We sometimes get the question, “why can’t I see prices instantaneously when I fill out my information,” or “I don’t want to give my contact information to get a quote.” Both of which are great questions to ask, but unlike an aggregator such as Expedia or Priceline, Business Class Consolidator is a consolidator agency.

If you don’t know a lot about the consolidator ticket industry, it’s important to also understand the difference between us and aggregators in order to better understand why we are different and how.


Tech trends that are the most meaningful to the travel community

Tech trends for travel 2019

As travel technology continues to advance, those who are part of the industry, or engage in it, are always looking for the latest and greatest. From biometrics and robots to virtual entertainment and security, 2019 is the year that we will see these technologies and others (hopefully) grow and be integrated into more and more airports and airplanes.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these tech trends that are not only important for the industry, but also the most meaningful to the travel community.


Google Assistant: a handy addition to add to your travel tech collection

Google Assistant travel gadget

Two years ago, Google released Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence software available on your devices and Google Home. However, the Silicon Valley giant has made even further advancements to this technology that can make a traveler’s life stress-free. From booking stays and making dinner reservations to finding things to do while putting it all into one easy-to-access calendar list, Google Assistant is changing the way we all do travel.