These airplane companies are challenging Airbus and Boeing

Airplane companies challenging Airbus and Boeing

Airbus and Boeing are the two major players in the airplane industry, but that doesn’t make them the only ones. There are other companies that have recently rose up, with the aim to take on the two in the airplane development race. 

And with the travel industry continuously growing faster than it ever has before, it shouldn’t be a surprise that other aircraft businesses are wanting a larger space in commercial airline industry. Here are the notable ones that are challenging Airbus and Boeing:


All aboard KLM’s retrofitted A330 World Business Class

KLM business class A330

Last year, KLM introduced its brand new World Business Class on the Boeing 787. But with the airline looking to save money and increase revenue at the same time, KLM (as with many other carriers nowadays) has turned to more modern, versatile and highly efficient products such as the Airbus 330. 

With the rollout of these newer planes, KLM decided that it too needed to retrofit their business class to suit the new jets. Let’s take a look at the new KLM business class on the A330.


Boeing 787-10: the most-loved Dreamliner of its class

Boeing 787-10

Have you seen the latest first and business class cabins aboard Singapore Airlines, available on their new Boeing 787-10s? They are absolutely stunning.

This was also the first new Dreamliner model (of which 49 were delivered to Singapore Airlines), and it’s the best of its class. The aircraft will make its first flight beginning next month between Osaka, Japan and Perth, Australia.

Boeing is delivering 122 more 787-10s, and carriers can’t wait to get theirs—here’s why:


Mykonos city guide: exploring the island’s best spots

Mykonos city guide

Founded in the 11th century by Iones from Athens, Mykonos was a prosperous trade city thanks to its location. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the island broke free from the Ottoman Empire, becoming a part of the free state of Greece. Throughout the 19th century, the place suffered, however after World War II ended, Mykonos began to become one of the biggest go-to destinations for tourist all over the world.

From luxurious beaches, fine dining, museums and extraordinary weather that will keep you smiling day and night, Mykonos has something for everyone. Here are our top five recommendations on what to see and do the next time you’re there.


Skytrax 2018 awards: best airports in North America

Skytrax award-winning airports in North America

This year’s Skytrax Award for the World’s Best Airport went to Singapore Changi, making it the sixth year in a row (nine awards total since 2000) the airport has won. 

Nonetheless, airports around the world received other notable awards such as World’s Best Airport Baggage Delivery, World’s Best Transit Airport, World’s Best Low-Cost Airline Terminals, World’s Best Airport Staff Service, and Best Airports by Global Region. In our case, we looked at the top ten in North America—here’s who made it to this year’s list.


2018 Skytrax Awards: here are this year’s best airports

skytrax awards best airports 2018

A new year means another round of awards! Last year’s award-winner for best airport was Singapore’s Changi, and this year’s award goes to…Singapore Changi, once again. This makes it the ninth time the airport has won this prestigious award. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Singapore Changi, a gorgeous airport, remains number one, especially with all the recent renovations, most notably the opening of Terminal 4 at the end of last year. In 2019, it will open Jewel Changi Airport, an extension featuring vortexes, a hotel, gardens and attractions.


It’s here: SWISS’ brand new lounge in Kloten Airport

SWISS first class lounge in Zurich International Airport

Have you seen SWISS’ updated business and first class seats, which have been retrofitted on most of their aircrafts? Now, the carrier has taken the next step in upgrading their lounge at its hub in Zurich International Airport, a.k.a. Kloten Airport. 

Located in Terminal A, those traveling internationally can enjoy the 7,000 square foot lounge that also features a separate, designated security checkpoint away from the general public. So for those who are flying in first class on SWISS or Lufthansa, as well as those who have elite status with Lufthansa Group, here’s what you can experience once inside:


City guide: uncover Oslo’s hidden gems

Oslo city guide

Norway’s capital is a glorious destination with a history that dates back to 1040 AD. Situated in the southern part of the country, Oslo offers travelers a view of a fjord called Oslofjord on one side of the city, while the rest of it is surrounded by a gorgeous landscape of mountains and trees.

From exquisite dining experiences and luxurious shopping, to cultural history and world-class museums, Oslo is the destination for anyone looking for a Nordic experience with fascinating views. And for those who want to take on Oslo outside of the norm, here are the city’s top hidden gems we love so much.