What you can expect in the travel industry for 2020

What you can expect in the travel industry for 2020

It’s interesting to see how travel has changed in the last decade—from Instagram to climate change and biometrics to wellness trips. But with a new year now in full fling, 2020 has a lot in store for travelers including a new carrier making its debut, the possible comeback of the 737 MAX, travel to outer space for non-astronauts, a switch to one pilot per plane, and a technology that can help with delays and traffic. With that said, let’s dive in a little deeper into each one of these.


A look at Beijing’s newest Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport new

Late last year, the largest airport in the world opened up near Beijing named the Daxing International Airport (PKX), costing $11 billion USD to develop and covers 7.5 million square feet of space.

Located an hour north of Beijing, Daxing International Airport offers travelers an array of open spaces, lounges, shops, cafes and restaurants as well as smart technology such as self-check-in kiosks, biometric border control and high-tech security systems to help with efficiency and ease of transferring throughout the airport.


The anticipated new Finnair non-Schengen lounge has opened

New Finnair non-schengen lounge

Just las month, Finnair has opened up its brand new non-Schengen lounge in Helsinki for business class passengers. Similar to the Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge, this new space is clean, minimalistic, comfortable yet elegant in every way.  The airline has taken Nordic elements of clean and natural and integrated it across their seats and their lounges.

Thanks to the expansion, the new Finnair non-Schengen lounge can hold up to 200 passengers, allowing the airline to accommodate the ever-growing traffic of Finnair business class travelers. From a bar and relaxation spots to upgraded meal and drink options, here’s a look at what you can expect inside the new lounge.


What to do in Paris in January

What to do in Paris in January

Whether you’re in Paris in the summer, during the holidays in December or after New Year’s in January, there’s always something to do and see. And with the offseason in full fling from November to March, you’re able to tick off all the major attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Montmontre, Moulin Rouge and Luxemburg Palace to name a few without having to deal with crowds.

Once you’ve seen all the famous sites, or if you’re back in Paris for the second or third time, then we recommend checking out the below events happening in the city. From parades and circus shows to car shows and international games, here are the top events in Paris in January.


Emirates’ up-and-coming onboard lounges we can’t wait to see

Emirates onboard lounges

Emirates is known to have some amazing onboard lounges on their A380s, featuring large seat areas and a bar plus bartender, where you can not only order drinks but can also indulge in snacks while traveling from one destination to another. Although the A380 is one of the largest jets that can support a sizeable onboard lounge, the airline has announced it will equip its upcoming A350s and Boeing 787s with onboard lounges as well, premiering on flights in three years.


Domodedovo Airport will welcome its first oneworld lounge

Domodedovo Airport Oneworld lounge

oneworld has been expanding and revamping lounges around the world and has announced the first-ever in Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. The airport is the home to Russia’s most modern airline, S7 Airlines, and oneworld is “thrilled that the first oneworld branded lounge will be located at its hub”, said Rob Gurney, CEO of oneworld.

The Airline Alliance wants to place their lounges in airports where not one airline dominates an airport over others, rather oneworld wants their presence at an airport where there are multiple carriers coming in and out on a regular basis. As such, oneworld opted for Domodedovo Airport as its next project for opening up another one of their lounges.


Here’s how travel has changed in the past 10 years

How travel has changed in the past 10 years

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that another decade is behind us, and so much has changed in the world of travel since 2010. From the climate and Instagram to biometrics and stopovers, the travel industry has made huge improvements and has been influenced by a variety of factors that dictate how and where we travel. With that said, here are the top factors that have changed travel in the past 10 years.


Bhutan was voted the number one place to visit in 2020

Bhutan world's best destination

Now that we’ve welcomed a new year and a new decade, we’ve begun to plan out our travel destinations and set new travel goals. If you’re stuck on where you should book your next trip, consider Bhutan as one of your top 2020 destinations. This small Asian country has been voted the number one place to visit for the new year, according to Lonely Planet. Its endless parks, trees and mountains have greatly contributed to Bhutan’s eco-friendly culture, and the country the first in the world to be carbon-negative in addition to being 100 percent organic by this year.


Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 business class seat

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER business class seat

Singapore Airlines has wowed the world with its newest first class suite available on the A380, and even if you’re not on Airbus’ largest commercial airline, first class on the Boeing 777 is also worthy of a ride.

Similar to first class, those flying in business class on the Boeing 777-300ER can also expect a similar experience given that many of the Boeing 777-300ER flights have been updated with a “new” seat in a 1-2-1 configuration—a similar one found on their A350s.


Benefits of traveling in business class in the wintertime

Benefits of flying business class

Flying in business class has its perks—from fine dining and multi-course meals both on the ground and in the air to more than 6 feet of space to stretch out, lounge access as well as free spa services. Plus, some airlines provide a chauffeur to and from the airport to or from your hotel or home. Other benefits of traveling in business class that are beneficial while traveling long distances for vacation during the winter is the amount of luggage you’re allowed to bring on board and check-in.

Having a business class ticket means you can check-in two free bags with an average maximum weight of 70 pounds per bag. Economy passengers can only check-in one luggage for free for international flights with a maximum weight of 50 pounds on average. Additionally, business class passengers are allowed up to 40 pounds (on average) in their carry-on, whereas economy passengers can only carry-on 20 pounds. That’s double the space you can bring on board the aircraft and in the cargo. But why should we care? (more…)