Maximize your dollar while you travel the world in comfort for less! Yes, that’s right. It’s time to pack your bags and go on an international getaway because the dollar is stronger now, more than it’s been in years.

Since 2014, the U.S. Dollar has “appreciated by more than 10% against the British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Brazilian Real” and more. According to the Consumer Airfare Index, you can expect to see tickets prices drop by 12 percent during peak travel months. Sounds great, no? We definitely think so. So, where do you go to maximize your dollar, and still travel the world in comfort for less? Thanks to Hopper’s analysis, we’ve put together the chart below that shows you currency declines (Spring 2016 versus Spring 2014), and average round-trip airfare prices versus our consolidator rates for business class seats.

cheap destinations

*Sample fares provided are for Chicago departures in July for a good indication of the market. Departures from other cities may be above or below these rates. Contact us to receive a discounted quote for your specific city pair and travel dates. We guarantee to find you rates better than online. 


Travelers heading to Brazil can save an average of 30 percent on their trip compared to 2014. This destination is definitely number one where you can maximize your dollar and still enjoy the benefits of flying business class at a better rate.

South Africa

African safari anyone? Now you can head over and see those wild animals you only find in zoos back home, while you watch the beautiful sunset. Here’s a great short video from South African Tourism that will definitely persuade you to go after watching!


Ok, so it’s an expensive country, but it’s still cheaper than what it was a few years ago, (about 27 percent cheaper). Go ahead, see how Vikings lived, learn their history, and have some hearty food while you’re there.


Just like Norway, Sweden is also known to be a bit pricey, but the value of the Krone has depreciated against the U.S. Dollar by 23 percent. If this sounds good to you, then make sure to bring some Swedish chocolate back to us, please ;-).


The Lira has dropped quite a bit, and with prices being so low, you definitely don’t want to miss out on everything Turkey has to offer. From beautiful beaches, ancient history, to delicious food and more, this country has it all. Check out this fun video from the vegabrothers on the top 10 things to do in Istanbul.

(Video source: vagabrothers / YouTube)


A must go-to place for all you wine lovers, meat eaters and explorers. You can save up to 22 percent on your fine dining, coastal tours and more. If you want to maximize your dollar while traveling in comfort (and style), book a roundtrip business class ticket with us!


Ah, Denmark. Yet another more expensive Scandinavian country. A place where it either rains or snows every second, and is considered the least corrupt country in the world. If you’re looking to maximize your dollar here, make sure to go see the Nyhavn houses and the Tivoli Gardens.

European Union

The EU is comprised of 28 countries, each with their own history, culture, people and cuisine. Since the Dollar has appreciated almost 20 percent against the Euro, you can definitely get a bang for your buck. Although recent attacks have hurt the tourism industry in Europe, travelers who do end up going there will find themselves spending a lot less but getting a lot more out of it too.

New Zealand

Lord of the Rings, anyone? We’re big fans too! New Zealand has been the destination for many fans and continues to be for the outdoor adventurers, the wildlife lovers, photographers and others. We found this fantastic video from 100% Pure New Zealand that really does a nice job highlighting the country’s beautiful assets.

(Video source: 100% Pure New Zealand / YouTube)


Who doesn’t want to see a kangaroo in the wild at Kangaroo Island? Or, visit the Gold Coast with its theme parks, hiking trails, a rainforest and so much more? We sure do! Plus, getting there in business class for a few thousand dollars cheaper by booking through us, doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.