We would like to introduce you to the North Star on United Airlines. Ok, maybe not THE North Star (because that’s quite impossible), but United airlines debuted their new business class seats called Polaris on the B777-300ERs.

The Seat

United chose to “to outfit its widebody fleet with a custom-designed, exclusive-to-United seat, rather than select an option already in the marketplace”. And we can see that exclusivity in the video at the end of this post. The United Polaris seat design allows you to access the aisle directly with ease (so you don’t have to worry about waking up your neighbor).

Need to catch a few zzz’s? The seat design features a fully-flat bed with plenty of space (up to 6 foot 6 inches) to stretch out your long legs. If you don’t want anyone to wake you up from your slumber, there’s a personal “Do Not Disturb” sign (we definitely need one of those at home).

United Polaris has been “crafted as individual, forward-facing, suite-like pods”, that also offers you “mood lighting, one-touch lumbar support, several storage areas, multiple surfaces for simultaneous working and dining”, a 16-inch HD-TV, and if you’re seated in the middle of the cabin, you have an electronic divider for extra privacy.


So what about the amenities? With over 12,000 hours of research, United discovered that sleep was the utmost important aspect of traveling for business class passengers. As a result, the airline chose custom-designed bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue. Sounds nice, right? From plush duvets, blankets that are lightweight, both large and small pillows, and you can’t forget the mattress cushions (available upon request). Now that sounds like a good sleep!

Pajamas? Yes, please. If you’re on a flight for over 12 hours, you’ll get this cozy sleepwear, along with a gel-cooled pillow and an amenity kit from Soho House & Co.’s Cowshed Spa.

Delicious Eats

We can’t forget about the food! If you get a seat on United Polaris, then you’ll be greeted by seasonal meals, curated for each route by chefs such as Bill Kim.

On a flight for more than 8 hours? You’ll get “signature scooped-at-your-seat ice cream sundaes“, and snacks mid-flight that includes mouth-watering lobster macaroni and cheese. We’re salivating already!

If you’re still hungry after a multi-course meal, you can always head over to the snack bar on board and catch up on the latest news with other fellow travelers just like you.

United Polaris is a luxurious experience. It is redefining the business class seat for the airline, taking it to the next level. From high-end amenities and a personal “suite-like” cabin feature, you’ll feel like a first-class passenger at a business class rate.

Want a quick tour? Check out this quick 2-minute video, courtesy of PriestmanGoode.