Flight attendants love their job. They get to travel the world for free, meet new people on a regular basis, and stay busy and entertained as they hop from one plane onto the next. And although they enjoy what they do as professional women and men that they are, it’s hard for them to speak negatively about their jobs. But we still want to get the dirt! So we searched high and low and put together a list of airline secrets you may have not been aware of, told by pilots and flight attendants. Even a few of them surprised us!

1. Mobile devices won’t really make a plane crash, but they can frustrate pilots. The signals interfere with the radio, which pilots can pick up. Imagine 100 or more cell phones going off at the same time. Annoying, right?

2. When a plane lands at night, the interior lights are dimmed just in case you need to evacuate while landing. Your eyes will be adjusted to the darkness, so if anything does happen, you’ll be able to see clearly once you’re off the plane.

3. Flight attendants actually accept tips! Whether it’s some sweets, money, or even a magazine, they will gladly accept and take good care of you for the duration of your flight.

4. The first class line at security is an airline thing, not TSA, so if you hold an economy ticket, you can use that line too!

5. Flight attendants hardly ever eat the food served on a plane. And those tray tables? They almost never get cleaned so you might want to bring hand sanitizer with you next time.

6. Most of the time the pilots are sleeping. Half the pilots sleep while flying, and one-third of the time they wake up and find their co-pilot asleep. It’s all in the machine.

7. Hard landing during bad weather? That was intentional because the plane has to puncture the layer of water to avoid aquaplaning.

8. Two pilots are served different meals and cannot share. Why? In case of food poisoning.

9. Don’t drink the water or water-based products such as coffee or tea, EVER. The water tanks on an airplane accumulate grime and fungus and are very hard to clean. If a plane is 30-60 years old, think of all that gunk that accumulated over the years. Yuck! Your best option is to stick to canned soda and bottled water.

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