You probably are now a bit more familiar with Brexit and what it entails for the UK, but did you notice how the financial markets were hit? In 24 hours of the vote, British Airways stock dropped 30 percent! There were also other stocks that were affected, including hotels, tour agencies and other airlines.

Because of this, the travel industry started to give out deep discounts, even in the summer months when discounts are usually slim to none. Currencies were also affected because of Brexit: South African Rand dropped 4.4 percent; Hungarian Forint dropped 3.5 percent; Polish Zloty dropped 4.4 percent; Mexican Peso dropped 3.6 percent.

With currencies dropping around the world, you can now book flights to Europe for much cheaper because many people are now staying home and not heading to the U.S. for a holiday. And since there are now more seats available, airlines are trying to fill them up as much as possible for a very low price.

This doesn’t apply to only economy fairs. Business class seats from the UK and other European cities to the U.S. are also cheaper than usual, thanks to Brexit. If you’re looking to go to London from New York anytime soon, now is definitely the time to buy!

Brexit has strengthened the U.S. Dollar, which allows you to head over to the UK, for instance, and save 30 to 40 percent on food, attractions, taxis and more. Why? Because local governments are not able to increase prices on what locals pay.

All of these price drops are not only happening in Europe but also here in the U.S. Since fewer people from Europe are coming to the States, cities here are going to become a bit cheaper when it comes to goods and services. Sounds like a double #win here.

One final benefit from Brexit involves the use of frequent flier award miles. Summer is usually the time when redeeming your award miles becomes quite impossible on trips to Europe. However, if you’re savvy (which we know you are!), you can now take advantage of redeeming your hard-earned miles for trips that you actually want to take during a very high travel season.

If you’re looking to take a vacation this summer, make sure to get a quote from us for business or first class seats! Let us help you find the right price to help you travel the world in comfort for less.