Usually, if you’re traveling with your partner you travel together wherever you go, right? From airplane seats to sharing a ride at your destination, you should always be together. But this doesn’t seem to be the case with some couples. Let me introduce you to three married couples who travel together, but don’t sit together. The husbands enjoy their luxurious seat in business or first class, while their wives and children sit in the uncomfortable seats in economy class.

The Sedgemores

Meet husband John Sedgemore and wife Michelle Sedgemore. John hates flying economy class because of the noise, the proximity of people, and the uncomfortable seats. They flew to the Maldives in economy 15 years ago, and it did not go well. According to Michelle, “John didn’t stop moaning and grumbling,” and she had to drink a few glasses of wine just to relax from his childish behavior.

For their next vacation, Michelle purchased one seat in business class for John and one for herself in economy. They couldn’t afford two business class seats, so she sucked it up and put herself in the back while he enjoyed a wonderful ride up front. Why do such a thing? Because she didn’t want to deal with his moaning, again.

Interestingly enough, John never feels guilty when he travels in business and his wife in economy. He said, “if, one day, we can afford it then I’d love for the whole family to join me there.” Sounds a bit selfish, if you ask us.

The Kumars

Another married couple, husband Arrun Kumar and wife Tina Kumar, are just like the Sedgemores. Like John, Arrun doesn’t feel guilty when he flies first class internationally while his wife sits in economy.

woman in economy class

According to Tina (not pictured above), it’s “difficult to justify it financially” because it’s Arrun’s company and his profits that allow him to fly up front. But since it’s his company, doesn’t he want to treat his wife to first class with him as well? No, he doesn’t. And the money isn’t even tight, according to Tina.

Even while they are already up in the air, neither of them checks in with the other, and even when they land, “Arrun will have a chauffeur waiting for him. The car whisks him straight to meetings,” while Tina struggles to catch a cab to the hotel. At least he sends her an SMS to make sure she got to the hotel safely.

Arrun doesn’t mind being away from his wife, and even though she sometimes uses his miles to upgrade, and we mean only sometimes, he prefers to keep his miles to “bring down the costs of [his] hotels.”

The Killicks

Philip and Sarah-Jane Killick also get separated while they travel. The two tend to fly around the world on a monthly basis, and although Sarah-Jane tags along to support her husband wherever he goes, she doesn’t get to enjoy the luxury of being in first or business class.

Philip works in shipping and makes a good living, so it definitely doesn’t have to do with money—he’s just frugal. Very frugal. There was even a time when she was sitting in economy and Philip in business, and he sent back some chocolates that were placed in a sick bag to help cheer her up. We hope that the bag was at least new!

baby on planeFortunately, when she had their first son (not pictured above), Sarah-Jane was able to enjoy her first trip up front. He “caved in” and allowed her to purchase an upgrade because she was traveling with their child. However, he didn’t want to spend even more money, so he ended up putting himself in economy. This didn’t last long. Sarah-Jane and her son are now back to flying in economy, while Philip enjoys business class.

What does Philip have to say for himself? According to Mr. Killick, it’s not an issue because his goal while flying is to get lots and lots of sleep. We’re pretty sure your wife and son feel the same way, Philip!

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