Travel gadgets are sprouting up like weeds in a field. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s new and cool, so we’ve searched high and low for what’s trending for travel in the fall. From smart padlocks, panoramic pods, to smart suitcases and travel antennas, you’ll end up feeling a bit less worried and stressed once you get your hands on these fun toys.

Which one of these would you take with you?

Panoramic Pod

Are you one for taking panoramic photos? Sometimes that can be quite hard as you have to follow the lines on your smartphone to take the perfect picture. Now you can make panoramic photo capturing seamless with the Panoramic Pod. All you need to do is place your smartphone in the center (portrait or landscape), wind it up, and watch it turn 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, or even 360 degrees (whichever you prefer). You’ll have the perfect panoramic photo just like the pros! You can buy it on Amazon for only $25.

Smart Padlocks

Do you ever put a lock on your suitcase? If you’re using the common locks that suitcases tend to come with, then please note that the key for that lock is easily accessible, even by TSA agents. The solution to keeping your personal items safe from unwanted predators is to get your hands on the eGeeTouch, the world’s first smartest travel padlock. What makes this lock so awesome is the fact that you can unlock it with your smartphone through an app. Forget about remembering a code, digital wheels to dial and keys to carry in order to unlock your lock. With a simple tap of your finger on your phone (or the use of a USB cable, Bluetooth smart watch, a smart FOB or even an NFC smart card), you can unlock your suitcase with ease.

The earliest you can purchase the lock is this August, but you can go ahead and claim the lock now for only $40.

Bluesmart Suitcase

If you thought the Bluetooth lock was cool, then you’ll love the Bluesmart Suitcase. This suitcase stands out above the rest. And if you’re willing to spend $449 for a weather-resistant, hard-shell polycarbonate luggage with features such as Bluetooth lock/ unlock, a built-in battery charger, location tracker (so you always know where it is) and built-in scale (no more added weight fees) , then this one is just what you need. Sure, the price is a bit up there, but what you get is a suitcase built like a Swiss Army Knife.


Traveling somewhere and lose service? Or, maybe you’re on some adventure in the Amazon and there’s just no connection (even if you have global cellular service). The goTenna is your handy lifesaver when phone service becomes unreliable. This device turns your iOS or Android device into an off-grid communication (up to a 50-mile radius) tool that lets you stay connected even when there’s no cell service or wifi.

You can safely share locations and saved pins, send encrypted private or group messages to anyone, and create networks. The catch is, the goTenna only works with people who are also using goTenna. When you purchase this device, it does come in pairs for $199 (it does not sell individually). Want to learn more? Check out this quick video below, courtesy of goTenna.