Sleek, chic and quite stunning—check! Virgin Australia’s new business class, named “The Business”, now flies daily from Sydney to Los Angeles, and every other day from Brisbane to Los Angeles.

The UK designer, Tangerine, wanted to make a seat that was “outside the box” while keeping in mind the space available and airline regulations.

Tangerine’s Creative Director, Matt Round, said that “the aim was to give the passenger experience a sense of flow, from walking through the aircraft door to the detailing at the end of their fingertips.”

The Design

Because of the way that the interior of planes are made and certified, the seats can end up looking practical versus exquisite. As such, The Business was created in a way that would set it apart from other airlines, and to “significantly improve the passenger experience,” says Mr. Round.

One way in which Tangerine is able to play up the design is by using light on different surfaces such as the privacy screens and paint. There’s also the combination of leather and fabric that makes the cabin look and feel very luxurious.


If you’re lucky enough to snag a seat in The Business, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with a variety of features for your liking.

Heading to a meeting? Need to catch up on that overflowing inbox? (You know who you are ;).) You’ll be able to do all that on the spacious desk/ table right in front of you. Need to charge up? There are USB and universal power charging ports right around your seat.

There’s no middle aisle, so every seat has direct aisle access. And if you’re not a talker (or maybe your neighbor has too much to say?), there’s a privacy screen right between the two seats in the middle aisle that can be opened or closed.

We all know that catching some zzz’s is an important part of our daily lives, and it doesn’t have to be put on hold while you’re flying! The Business offers fully flat beds (80inch/ 203cm) so you can arrive fresh and ready at your destination. If you want to feel even more like a king or queen, you can request the turndown service where you’ll be given large pillows and a doona (and no, we’re not talking about the infant car seat stroller).

If you’re not in a working mood, or just can’t sleep, there are 300 hours of movies, TV shows and more available on your personal 16-inch touchscreen. You’ll even get a complimentary noise-canceling headphone, so you’ll be able to get into a cinema-like state as you watch your favorite Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Don’t forget about the food! How can you, when you’ll be able to enjoy a fine dining multi-course A La Carte Menu, available on demand. No need to eat when everyone else does.

The Bar

Did we say bar? Yes, yes we did. The bar is designed with a modern flair, which “interweaves with the seating layout to maximize space, [and] has interconnecting angles…no detail [is] too small,” said Martin Mo, one of Tangerine’s designers.

So now there’s a more elegant and prestige place for you to sip on some Old Rip Van Winkle on the rocks, as you chat away with another fellow passenger about who is worse, “Little Marco” or “Crooked Hillary”.

Tangerine went all out with The Business, and every passenger who steps into this cabin won’t even realize that they are not in first class.

For a full tour, check out the video below, courtesy of Virgin Australia.