Okay, being kicked off a plane for screaming or threatening people or the surrounding environment is one thing, but for others, the reason can be a bit absurd. Here are some incidents that forced passengers off planes, leaving them in awe…even we feel bad for them.

Suspicious Math Equations

Guido Menzio, an economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania delayed a flight because a female passenger was suspicious of math equations that Menzio was writing down. Menzio said, “I thought they were trying to get clues about her illness…Instead, they tell me that the woman was concerned that I was a terrorist because I was writing [strange] things on a pad of paper.” He was later able to continue on the flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse after a long two-hour delay.


A student from the University of California, Berkeley was taken off a Southwest Airline flight because a passenger overheard him speaking in Arabic. The passenger claims the phone conversation the student was having “perceived to be threatening.” The student told authorities that he was chatting on the phone with his uncle about a speech he had attended.

Peanut Allergies

A family with a one-year-old child was removed from the plane because their boy had a severe peanut allergy. The airline had an outside medical advisor recommend the child not be allowed to fly.

A Utah Allergist, Dr. Kay Walker, said, “I think they were being unreasonable…The odor of peanut will not harm you. The dust, when it settles, could possibly harm you, even though that is also rare.”

The airline later apologized and allowed the family to catch a new flight at no additional cost.


A 385-pound man was taken off a United Airlines flight because his neighbor complained about his comfort to a flight attendant. Apparently, a representative from the airline said its “policy is to remove people who can’t safely fit into their seat.”

Bye-Bye Doggie

A U.S. Army veteran brought on her dog Ziggy, an “emotional support animal”, onto a plane but was kicked off. She told reporters the dog has flown with her six times already, and service animals are usually allowed on flights.

“In general, a flight attendant can’t make a decision to kick someone off a plane. The captain would make the final decision.”

The Attack of a Flight Attendant

Tiana Fough was kicked off an American Airlines flight because a flight attendant started to yell at her to get off the plane. Fough was perplexed, as she had no idea what was going on. The flight attendant kept yelling and Fough sat in her seat and cried.

According to the flight attendant, he had asked her a few times to make space in the aisle for another passenger, but Fough said there were four people between them, and she hadn’t heard him until he started yelling. Fough said, “Now they’re making up all this stuff”. She believes she was quickly chosen to get off the flight to make room for a man who took her seat right after the flight attendant told her to get off the plane. Fough said, “It’s a little coincidental that I’m being attacked verbally for no reason, and then all of a sudden another guy is getting my seat”.

Later on, the airline apologized to Fough and gave her a $250 voucher. When Fough told the airline she would never use it, they offered the $250 in cash. “That’s how you’re going to solve this problem?” said Fough, who is looking for some legal counsel. “What about my rights?”

(This article first appeared on Time.com.)