Travel agents have been searching and booking request for many, many years, but sometimes they receive requests that are a bit, well, interesting to say the least.

Here are some of the most ludicrous demands made by customers, some of which may make you think, “some people are just really out there”.

I Have to Have My…

A client called to book a cruise and requested that she would only book it if the ship had a SlimFast on board. Unfortunately, no ship carried SlimFast. (I guess no cruise for her.) –  Jan Stanczak, Travel Agent in Missouri

Another client called and demanded Pepsi at the resort she was going to, however, the resort only served Coke. The travel agency contacted Pepsi and had a case shipped to the resort for the client. –  Jan Stanczak, Travel Agent in Missouri

A VIP customer wouldn’t stay anywhere that doesn’t have Bud Light. The travel agent working with the client always has to call the hotels to make sure there’s Bud Light, otherwise, the client will refuse the accommodation. – Melissa Gutting, Travel Agent in Wisconsin

Someone once requested that Cuban cigars and cognac was delivered to a boss’ tent while on his African safari. – Jeffrey Krudop, Travel Agent in Indiana

Specific Rides

A client doesn’t like black cars, only a Mercedes in the color dark blue. If it’s too hard to find a blue Mercedes, the clients at times settle for silver. – Kim Reicherter, Travel Agent in New York

One customer requested a bus tour from Dallas to Hawaii. The agent had to tell them that the bridge from California to Hawaii hasn’t been completed yet. – Elaine Goad, Travel Agent from Texas


A client was going to go on an expensive cruise with another couple (who had kids), however, the couple with the kids had to cancel because their babysitter couldn’t babysit anymore. The client told their friends that their travel agent loves kids and that they are sure the agent will babysit them. Interestingly enough, the agent agreed! The couple with the kids became a VIP client for 20 years. The agent babysat the kids for years until they were old enough to stay home alone. – Jan Stanczak, Travel Agent from Missouri

What a Dog

A client has a terrier that is very spoiled. So spoiled, that the agent had to book a private dinner for the dog on an Island near Venice, Italy. The dog ate gnocchi. There was also a time when a client requested a picnic for their dog in the Bahamas. – Kara Bebell & Harlan deBell, Travel Agents in New York

Toilet Breaks

A client who was heading to Disney had an agent plan their itinerary, even times when they were supposed to get up, go to the bus stop, and even when they should use the restroom (at least 4 times at the park, 15 minutes each). The agent did as requested, and found out they had a great time during their whole vacation! – Tammy Ellington, Travel Agent from Minnesota


One time, a client used to come to the ticketing agency and ask them to hold her money until she decided on where to go next. Apparently, she had no trust in the government or the bank. One day she came in and requested all of her money because “the time was near” (the time of the apocalypse, of course). Since then, she still continues to come back to the agency to book more trips. (I guess the end of the world isn’t here yet). – Judy Richardson, Travel Agent from Texas.