Saving enough for your next vacation is not always easy. With tickets and accommodations to purchase, sights to see and food to eat, sometimes we have a hard time gauging the amount of money we’ll spend. So to make sure you have enough for your next vacation (and to help reduce any possible stress), here are a few money saving tips that will leave you with enough to have a brilliant time away from work.

Achievable Budget

At times we reach too far for the stars by setting goals that are a bit hard to achieve. When you’re planning your vacation, research flights, hotels, restaurants, and activities in advance to get an estimate of how much you would be spending to have a great time. The last thing you would want is to scramble for cash at the very end right before you take off.

Travel Account

An effective way to save money is to have designated savings account for travel purposes only. That way, you don’t have to keep track of the money in your checking account to pay bills with money you’re setting aside for your travels.

Automatic Transfers

Along with your travel savings account, set up automatic deposits from your main checking account so that you don’t forget or have to worry about putting money aside each month for your next vacation.

Deal-Saving Sites

Keeping up with the latest last-minute or limited-time deals is not an easy task. Make sure to sign up to receive email notifications with multiple travel sites very early on (maybe a year or two ahead of your vacation). That way, you’ll never miss out on discounts on flights, hotels and attractions. You’ll be amazed by the type of deals you can get!


If you know of a place or a few places you want to visit, research when the off-season at that destination begins. The amount of money you can save can make such a difference! You may be able to save enough to take two vacations instead of one. Plus, you can enjoy the city you’re in much more when there are fewer crowds.


Ever thought of an all-inclusive trip? If you’re looking to keep costs down and not have to worry about spending more on food and drinks while you’re vacationing, see if there’s an all-inclusive option available. Sure, the options may be limited, but then you’ll have extra cash to do a bit more exploring.

Reward Programs

There are TONS of reward programs out there—hotels, credit cards, airlines and car rentals to name a few—that can help you earn enough bonus points to earn free flights, meals, accommodations, free sight-seeing tours, and so much more If you’re not one to sign up for a credit card, try checking out free reward programs for hotels and airlines.

Change Jar

I know what you may be thinking…a pink piggy bank sitting in your room where you dropped in every penny you had when you were a kid. But change jars are not just an item from our childhood—they can be for anyone at any age. Rather than dumping or leaving your change wherever you go, take it home and pop it into a jar or vase and wait for it to fill up until your next vacation. Cash it out right before you’re next trip, and surprisingly you may end up with a few extra $100s to spend while you’re relaxing on a beach or discovering a new international city.