London, established as a civilian town by the Romans in 43 AD, is a melting pot of ethnic groups and cultures from all over the world. With plenty of sites to see and to experiences to remember for a lifetime, it’s no wonder that London is ranked the second most visited city in the world, right behind Bangkok. As of 2015, over 31 million tourists came in from all over the world.

But if you’ve already made your way through the touristy spots such as Piccadilly Square, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, and are looking to see places that are less-visited but still loved by the locals, then we recommend you check out Maltby Market, Camden Market, Tooley Street, Secret Cinema and St. James’s.

And, thanks to Brexit, you can eat more, see more and do more, now that the Dollar is strong against the British Pound.

Maltby Market

Maltby Market is the go-to place for all who love to cook and eat. If you’re in the city on a Saturday, make sure you head over here between 9am and 2pm to sip and sample from a variety of independent artisans who sell all sorts of baked goods and unique drinks you may not find anywhere else.

We recommend Beanbag Coffee for those who are caffeine lovers, Dhan Waffle for a Taiwanese waffle topped with Nutella, vanilla custard or salted caramel, and Tozino for jamón and cava.

Camden Market

Do you love quirky, non-traditional and eclectic fashion and accessories? Then Camden Market is the place to be, full of shops and stalls as well as music, bars and street food. This place is alive from 10am to 6pm, and once you’re done shopping for fun gifts and souvenirs to take back home with you, you can make your way into a hole in the wall pub for a few pints of Cider and Black (a mix of dry hard cider and blackcurrant).

Tooley Street

Located in South London, Tooley Street offers you a plethora of pubs and restaurants—a perfect area for a good night out with the locals. It’s known to be a bit more relaxed in this part of town, so if you’re looking to take a break from the city center, make sure to put Tooley Street on your list. Need a drink? Head over to a historical pub called The Shipwright Arms, located on 88 Tooley, which was built in 1884 and has been kept traditional in style.

Secret Cinema

Rather than seeing a Broadway show at Apollo Victoria or Queen’s Theatre, why not experience the Secret Cinema, an underground club that brings theatre to life? Combining film, music, art, theatre and dance, the actors create a unique experience and encounter—you’ll feel as though you are part of the scenes.

The areas are constantly changing, and you’ll only know where to go a few days beforehand, but you can book your tickets online and be notified via email on where you should meet. Just make sure to dress semi-formally! And of course, don’t tell anyone!

St. James’s

St. James’s is home to Lock & Co. Hatters, the oldest hatter shop in the world—established in 1676! The company has served everyone from royalty (even Elizabeth II) to celebrities and common folk. The street is also home to the Spencer House, built between 1756-1766 for John, first Earl Spencer (Princess Diana’s ancestor). Although it’s currently being renovated by Lord Jacob Rothschild, you can schedule a tour on a Sunday to view this well-maintained 18th-century royal house.

And if you’re a wine lover, we recommend stopping by Berry Bros. & Rudd (established in 1698), which used to sell coffee but now sells wine and spirits. The company is anything but ordinary. For one, their wines were served aboard Titanic, they supplied smugglers who got alcohol into Prohibition-era America, and sheltered Napoleon III in cellars underneath the shop. Today, Berry Bros. & Rudd wines and spirits are purchased by royals and have made a big mark outside of the UK, in Asia.

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