Amsterdam, known for its artistic heritage, was established as a fishing village around the 13th century and has now grown to be one of the greatest commercial, intellectual, and artistic capitals of Europe.

Although it’s home to less than 1 million residents, it continues to be a popular destination for over 3.5 million foreign travelers each year. Many come to experience its fascinating nightlife, but there’s so much more for you to see. Here are our favorite underrated sites in Amsterdam that you simply cannot miss next time you’re there.

Oude Kerk

Amsterdam’s oldest building so happens to be Oude Kerk, a beautiful, 800-year-old medieval church, consecrated in 1306. Located in the center of the red light district, it’s a great place to get a fascinating view of the entire city by climbing the church tower. If you’re there, make sure to check out any of their cultural events they often hold to get a real feel of the Netherlands and its people.


Amsterdam-Oost is the city’s eastern district that doesn’t see too many tourists, but it’s full of nature-related activities. There’s Artis (city zoo), Hortus Britannicus (one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens), and Park Frankendael. This park used to be an estate to a wealthy merchant back in the 17th century but is now a beautiful park with a house used for exhibitions, and several reasonably-priced restaurants such as De Kas and Merkelbach. And if you’re a beer lover, we suggest you head over to ‘t Nieuwe Diep, a distillery and bar in a little house that sits on the edge of a pond, also located in Park Frankendael.

Waterlooplein Flea Market

Shopping is never out of the question, no matter where you go. So for all you shoppers, we recommend heading to Waterloopein flea market, offering you over 300 different stalls with all sorts of nicknacks. You can buy army gear, china, antiques, souvenirs, posters and more. Once you’re done shopping, head over to a cafe in the area for a midday cappuccino, or a restaurant to grab a bite to eat.


How about a real bomb shelter from the Cold War, called Vondelbunker, concealed under a bridge? This is no ordinary bunker either. Vondelbunker, situated in Vondelpark, features a variety of activities such as concerts, movie nights, exhibitions and dinners. If you love beer, there’s even a craft brewery there called Bunkerbier, serving some of the most gratifying beers in the area. Vondelbunker is a hidden gem that is unknown to many tourists, but it’s certainly worth a visit!

House of Bols

Here’s another adventure for you! House of Bols is an interactive museum and tasting room full of flavors for your taste buds, images for your eyes, and sounds for your ears. The company has been around since 1575, making it the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand. The tour takes you through three different rooms: the first is the Hall of Taste where you’ll encounter 42 Bols liqueurs; the second is the Distillery Room where you’ll learn all about the extraction and distillation of flavor; the third is the Dutch Spirit Genever room where you’ll learn the history of Dutch Spirit Genever while sipping on it; the fourth is the Mirror Bar where professional bartenders will mix together a delicious Bols Cocktail for you to enjoy. And if you’re looking to learn the art of flair bartending, you can do so in the Flair Booth with specifically designed Bros flair bottles. It’s an experience on its own! Just make sure you come prepared for a lot of tasting and drinking.

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