To this day, airplanes continue to amaze us. Every year, new aerospace technology emerges, allowing designers and engineers to create faster and sleeker airlines than ever before.

But with the continual improvements, it’s hard to keep track with all the brilliant things planes are able to do today. We’ve gathered a list of the top aviation facts that even surprise us.e

1. The world’s oldest airline, KLM, was established in 1919.

2. Every 37 seconds, an airplane takes off or lands at Chicago O’Hare’s International Airport.

3. Singapore Airlines spends about $700 million is on food, and about $16 million is spent on wine every year.

4. 10 tons of caviar is purchased by Lufthansa, making it the world’s largest purchaser of caviar.

5. The first in online check-in became available in 1999 by Alaska Airlines.

6. Business Class was invented by Qantas in 1979.

7. Qantas A380 travels the longest flight distance in the world from Sydney to Dallas.

8. Due to the risk of food poison, pilots and co-pilots have to eat different meals.

9. While flying, 1/3 of your taste buds become numb.

10. Flying for an average of 3 hours reduces your body water content by 6.34 cups (1.5 liters). Don’t forget to keep hydrated!

11. Only 5% of the world’s population has ever traveled by plane.

12. Planes are designed to be struck by lightning and are hit one time for every 1,000 hours of flying.

13. A BMW costs as much as a single windshield or window frame of a cockpit in Boeing 747-400.

14. A Boeing 767-400 requires as much fuel as 1,400 minivans.

15. The air on airplanes and the air in hospitals is filtered with the same technology.

16. A plane, known as the Voyager, flew around the world without stopping or refueling in 1986.

17. In 1912, a German man named Heinrich Kubis was the world’s first flight attendant.

18. Back in the 1940s, it would take an average working man a full year’s wage to fly from London to New York.

19. The average age of an American flight attendant is 105, however, the average age of commercial aircraft is only 19 years.

20. An airport can be bigger than the size of a whole country. King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, in Saudi Arabia covers 192,000 acres of land, which is larger than all of Bahrain.