If you were already blown away by Lufthansa’s private jet, then you’ll love Airbus’ A320neo “Melody” edition, a.k.a ACJ320neo. The designers were “inspired by hilly horizons, rolling rivers and other curves of nature”, which you can really see with the different tones of green and white colors used throughout the single-isle jet. If you look carefully, there are no hard corners, simply fluid ends and beginnings to give it a softer, more luxurious yet cosy feel.

The Kitchen

ACJ320neo Melody Kitchen

(Image source: Airbus)

In the front of the plane, beside the crew area, is a large kitchen. Unlike a typical private jet that usually has a heated stove and small preparation area, the kitchen on Melody is fully-functioning. You can prep your meals, drink your wine, and chatter with friends all in one area. And if you rather not cook, make sure you don’t forget to bring your private chef.

The Master Lounge

A330 Neo Melody Private Jet

(Image source: Airbus)

As you walk past the kitchen, you’ll enter a large master lounge with extra-wide openings. This area is designed to give you a sense of space that’s fluid throughout. It’s the perfect entertainment room for your guests and family, and also has a built-in 65-inch curved TV on the side.

Have a meeting or need to catch up on work? The large conference room can be closed off for privacy, and can host up to six people comfortably. The area can also be used as a dining room, just in case there’s more than two of you on board.

As you walk throughout the cabin, you’ll notice the windows have been masked by a black panel that can be dimmed or lightened with a touch of your fingertip. Those airplane windows will be so invisible, you may forget you’re flying.

Home Cinema

Melody private jet cinema

(Image source: Airbus)

Further down the plane, past the master lounge, is a private cinema with a retractable screen. Here you can catch the latest TV shows or films with family or friends. Built-in speakers are installed in the ceiling for ample sound that stays within the cinema walls, so you don’t have to worry about bothering anyone on either side.

The area closes off on both ends, allowing you to sit back, relax and watch re-runs of Friends, Game of Thrones or even Matlock whenever you like.


Anteroom Private Jet

(Image source: Airbus)

There is not only a bathroom on the private jet, but also an anteroom, situated between the bedroom and the cinema. The mirrors are “magical”—they can go from opaque to translucent with a push of a button.

The Bedroom

Airbus private jet Melody

(Image source: Airbus)

In the rear of the plane is this luxurious, large and private master bedroom with a double bed, and a sofa built across from it. The room also has a master bathroom with a separate toilet, shower and sink.

Created to fit 25 passengers, the ACJ320neo is set to be delivered to corporate businesses and private clients in 2018. The price tag is a mystery, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that a jet like this comes with several zeros at the end.

Curious how the whole private jet is laid out? Get a sneak peak with this video, courtesy of Sam Toppan.