How many times have you flown and actually paid attention to a safety video? Our guess is not very often because most videos—if you ask us—are not very entertaining, a trend that has been going on for about 20 years.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Virgin America first broke the dull trend in 2007 with their strange, out-of-the-ordinary, cartoon airline safety video. A little freaky, but it did break the norm.

From then on, other airlines started to follow, and in 2009, Air New Zealand debuted the first attention-grabbing airline safety video that started a new trend. The video was definitely out of the ordinary, featuring flight crew covered in body paint and not much else. The airline took a big chance, and Air New Zealand knew that they were either going to make it or break it…(will people really pay attention this way?).

Nonetheless, year after year, airlines continue to roll out new and engaging safety videos that are loved and enjoyed by many who watch them, regardless if you’re even flying or not. Youtube anyone?

But who’s the best? We’ve gathered our sources and compiled a list of our favorite airline safety videos below. Is there one that stands out the most to you?

Air New Zealand

This one is one of our favorites from Air New Zealand, which is believed to have cost them $1.5 million NZ and $2.5 million NZ to produce, featuring main characters from The Lord of the Rings.


The airline has just released this new video for 2017, and it’s better than ever. Qantas airline safety video features some of the best sceneries in the country as they take you step-by-step through each safety process.

Air France

These gorgeous ladies that work for Air France make the video quote appealing to watch. They are elegant, and speak both French and English throughout the video, giving it a “French flair”.


The airline released an in-flight safety video starring FC Barcelona—a big win for all you soccer lovers out there. It’s a great way to show passengers what to do (in case of an emergency) in an entertaining way while merging sports and travel into one.