International travel is always—and will always—be a cultural experience, and is probably one of the best type of memories you can bring back home with you that will last a lifetime.

But do you know where to go and what to do to have the best cultural adventure? If yo’ve answered “no”, then we’ve got exactly what you need. Here’s our list of destinations and activities we recommend you take to get to know the people and traditions of that country or region.

Kyoto, Japan


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If you want to know what it was (or is) like to wear a kimono, then head over to Kyoto, Japan. For two hours, you can be bound and corseted in luxurious silks that don’t feel as comfortable as they look. We recommend you check out WAK JAPAN, which offers tourists an opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese traditional experiences such as dressing up in a kimono, among others such as Tea Ceremony, cooking and flower arrangement.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Tango

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Love to dance? How about tango? Then make sure you book your next trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you can watch one of the most incredible tango shows ever. But that’s not all, to really feel and understand this cultural dance, head over to La Catedral—an old warehouse that’s been converted into a dance studio—where you can learn the proper steps, taught by professionals.

Pushkar, India

Pushkar, India

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India is an incredible country, and Pushkar is one of the holiest cities (and also one of the oldest) in the country. Consequently, you can find a variety of temples dedicated to the four major religions including Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. We recommend you do a tour (usually lasts four hours) that takes you to the main temples of all four faiths, which not only helps you experience the mix of religions in the area, but also shows you how each one co-exists with one another.

Konya, Turkey

Dervish Performance in Turkey

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Konya, Turkey is known for Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, a ritual founded by Mevlana Rumi, a Sufi poet, whose tomb resides in this town. You can experience this ritual that puts you into a trance while you watch men dressed in white robes and cone-shaped hats whirl enthusiastically to concentrate on God.

Penang, Malaysia

Street of Harmony, Penang, Malaysia

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Penang, Malaysia is a unique destination because you can see how four main cultural influences are drastically prevalent in this small town. We recommend you check out the George Town Heritage Walking Tour where you’ll encounter European, Chinese, Indian and Malay roots—from St George’s Anglican Church, Goddess of Mercy Chinese Buddhist temple to Little India and Sri Maha Mariamman Kovil Hindu temple.

Havana, Cuba

Fortress San Carlos de la Cabana Havana Cuba

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Che and Castro are symbolic figures in Cuba, and what better way to experience a part of their life than follow their footsteps in a private, guided tour. During which, you will be able to visit the Fortress San Carlos de la Cabana, which was seized by rebels led by Fidel Castro and used as military headquarters. You will also get to go the University of Havana, now a museum, which went through a period of reformation to eliminate “anti-revolutionary ideas” in the 60s.

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