Just like fashion, destinations have trends too. They depend on a variety of factors such as political unrest, social media, where your friends have been (and rave about it), as well as reality television and popular films. But doesn’t stop there, the strength in the US dollar has also allowed more of you to travel to countries for much cheaper than ever before.

We constantly are bombarded with images of lavish vacations, amazing scenery, and countless stories from people all over the world, which inspires us and everyone else around to pick up their suitcases and buy a ticket to that next destination that we just saw or heard about. So if you’re ready to embark on your next vacation, here are the top trending destinations that are a must for your 2017 travels.


Iceland is a small island, but there’s plenty to do from the moment you step foot on this gorgeous destination. From hot springs, fjords, waterfalls and volcanoes—Iceland is the destination for those who love nature.

Iceland has made its way to one of the most trending destinations this year, thanks so the ever-so-popular TV series, Game of Thrones, which has boosted the number of tourists from around 566,000 in 2011 to 1.7 million in 2016.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may not be one of those destinations that you hear people raving about, but in recent years, it’s become quite popular for those who love ancient culture and architecture, similar to what you would see in India.

This country is at peace, compared to what we’ve been seeing in the world, which is why it has sparked interest for those who want to see beautiful beaches and eat amazing food, for cheap.


If you haven’t been to Japan yet, then now is the time to go. It’s become such a popular destination for travelers all over the world, thanks to its amazing sites, nightlife, history, as well as a culture that’s both strong and deep.

Japan has become popular not only because it’s a very safe destination, but also because getting there is not as expensive as it once was. Moreover, the country will host the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will most likely inspire even more adventure seekers to book a ticket to Japan.


Ever since the US relations eased up over the past few years, travel to Cuba has increased by 36 percent since 2015. Over 50 thousand Americans have visited the country in the first half of last year. And why wouldn’t you want to go to a place that makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the 1950’s? From the old school cars and multicolored buildings to beautiful beaches and cuisine that keeps you wanting more, Cuba is a trending destination that you cannot miss out on in 2017. Now is the time to go before the Western influence overcomes the classic traditions that the island has been holding on to for so many decades.

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Morocco is one of those destinations that many only dream about going to, and yet, it’s made its way on the list of trending places for 2017. The country has a diverse culture that offers visitors a unique experience, thanks to its Berber, Arabic and French influences. From the beautiful beaches and undeniably gorgeous mosques to the endless souks in every town and city, Morocco is an exotic place that’s relatively stable, which continues to attract tourists who seek an Arabian adventure.


The South American country that’s trending right now is not Brazil. Rather, it’s a small nation located at the tip of the South American continent. Ecuador, more specifically the province of Galapagos, which consists of thirteen major islands, is known to be the world’s leading destination to see wildlife.

Recent documentaries aired on BBC has attracted tourists from around the world—a growth of 15 percent since last year.