Do you travel often? How do you feel when you’re out exploring and conquering the world? Amazing is our guess!

Non-business related travel to other destinations outside of our home country is probably one of the best sensations. And this shouldn’t be a surprise, especially since it’s probably one of the only times we really get to relax, unwind and not think about anything except enjoying our time away from home.

But did you know that international travel for leisurely purposes is actually beneficial to our health? Let’s take a look at the benefits that have been proven by scientific research.

Makes You Healthier

The Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies along and the U.S. Travel Association did a study that showed how women who took a holiday at least twice per year greatly lowered the risk of a heart attack, compared to those who only traveled once every six years.

At the same time, the study showed that men who did not go on vacation at least twice a year had a 20 percent greater risk of death and a 30 percent higher risk of heart disease.

Greatly Reduces Stress

Sometimes the process of getting from one place to another can be a bit stressful—delayed flights, lost luggage and missed connections. But aside from any bumps, you may encounter on the way, the travel experience has been proven to greatly relieve stress.

One study showed that three days after you’ve gotten back from your vacation, men and women feel less anxious, are rested up and are in a better mood overall. Even after a few weeks, this sensation remains. Seem familiar?

Boosts Creativity

Do you ever feel like you’re bursting with ideas when you’re on vacation and even when you return to work? You can thank traveling for that.

Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, has conducted many studies on international travel and creativity. He said that “Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms”.

Galinsky also states that engaging, adapting and immersing yourself in the culture “will likely [give you more of a] creative boost than someone who travels abroad and [doesn’t] engage in the local environment”.

Boosts Happiness

As many of you already know, traveling to other countries just makes us happy.

A study done at Cornell University showed how even the start of planning an international getaway raised the level of happiness. Even more so, those who were getting ready for a vacation were much happier compared to those who were waiting to receive a physical item.

Who needs new clothes and shoes when you can go to island hopping in Greece!