The Best First Class Airline Award is given to the airline that offers passengers ultimate satisfaction in First Class product, the service provided by the airline staff in the cabin, as well as airport environments. Moreover, the airline that receives this award has to provide passengers with classic First Class Quality levels. The award has nothing to do with a specific aircraft (i.e. A380, A350, etc.) or goods that are not usually offered across an airline’s fleet.

This year’s winner for the World’s Best First Class Airline is Etihad Airways. And it should be no surprise, given that their First Class seat is not really a “seat” but a mini apartment in the sky, which includes a large leather armchair and separate bed measuring 6 feet and 10 inches. Plus, there’s even enough space to walk around once the privacy doors are closed.

Besides taking home the World’s Best First Class Airline Award, Etihad also took home the award for Best First Class Airline Seat and Best First Class Airline Catering.

And for all other airlines with luxurious First Class amenities, here’s who placed in the top ten in each First Class category.

World’s Best First Class Airlines

1) Etihad Airways
2) Emirates
3) Lufthansa
4) Air France
5) Singapore Airlines
6) ANA All Nippon Airways
7) Cathay Pacific
8) Qatar Airways
9) Japan Airlines
10) Qantas Airways

Best First Class Airline Lounges

1) Qatar Airways
2) Lufthansa
3) Etihad Airways
4) Qantas Airways
5) Emirates
6) Cathay Pacific
7) Air France
8) Japan Airlines
9) Singapore Airlines
10) Swiss

Best First Class Airline Seats

1) Etihad Airways
2) Singapore Airlines
3) Emirates
4) Air France
5) Garuda Indonesia
6) Asiana Airlines
7) Qatar Airways
8) Japan Airlines
9) Cathay Pacific
10) Lufthansa

Best First Class Airline Catering

1) Etihad Airways
2) Lufthansa
3) Air France
4) Singapore Airlines
5) Emirates
6) Qatar Airways
7) Qantas Airways
8) Garuda Indonesia
9) Cathay Pacific
10) Japan Airlines

Best First Class Lounge Dining

1) Lufthansa
2) Etihad Airways
3) Qatar Airways
4) Air France
5) Qantas Airways
6) Emirates
7) Cathay Pacific
8) Singapore Airlines
9) Saudi Arabian Airlines
10) Thai Airways

Best First Class Comfort Amenities

1) Emirates
2) Air France
3) Etihad Airways
4) Garuda Indonesia
5) Lufthansa
6) Cathay Pacific
7) Qatar Airways
8) ANA All Nippon Airways
9) Singapore Airlines
10) Japan Airlines