The invention of an airline lounge was a gift from the heavens—making our lives so much more enjoyable even in the middle of a chaotic place like the airport. But not all lounges are created equal, just like not all airline seats are the same. Some lounges offer free massages and private sleeping rooms, while others only offer a traditional workspace with food and drink buffet.

Nonetheless, many come with some pretty sweet perks that some people may never even know they exist. We’ll share a few of our favorites to show you what the most luxurious airline lounges can offer for anyone with the right access pass.


If you ever fly in business or first class on Qantas, you will be able to spend time in their airport lounges, which are some of the best in the world. The one located in Sydney’s International Airport is the one everyone raves about. Aside from being able to dine on mouthwatering cooked-to-order meals, you can enjoy a free spa session in a tropical setting. Flying first class? Qantas will call you beforehand to book your time and spa service—choose from a facial, foot and hand treatment or message. For those in business, spa availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s First Class Hong Kong Airport lounge won the Best Airport Lounge Award by Skytrax Awards in 2016. It shouldn’t be a surprise because first class passengers can drink as much as they want at their champagne bar, unwind in various relaxation zones, dine on exquisite food, and refresh in private shower suites and cabanas. And the shower suites are out-of-this-world, with a full-sized bathtub, rain shower, desk, vanity, toiletries, daybed, as well as a luxurious robe with slippers for you to feel just as you would in a five-star resort.

British Airways

Another one of our favorites, British Airways Elemis Spa in JFK and Heathrow, offers business and first class ticket holders a free spa treatment for 15 minutes. You can choose from a “jet lag eye reviver” facial (one of many) or a heat therapy body treatments.

Aside from the spa amenities, you can also take a shower in one of their private bathrooms, drink from their World Wine bar, indulge in snacks and small meals from the dining area, and even enjoy a film in their 20 seat cinema.


Last year, Lufthansa’s Frankfurt Airport lounge came in second place in the top 10 Best Airline Lounges in the World Award list by Skytrax. If you’re flying in first class, you have access to private suites that feature a daybed, shower, toiletries, whirlpool that comes with rubber duckies that change as the season changes.

You can also indulge in a spa session that caters to men and women individually—choose from a massage, manicure, pedicure and facial. Other amenities include a Library, Cigar Lounge, bar, restaurant and private working offices for all the business travelers.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge won the Best Business Class Airline Lounge Award last year by Skytrax Awards. For those lucky enough to spend time at their Istanbul International Airport, you will be able to explore their gorgeous two-floor lounge featuring relaxation areas and private rooms, indulge in several dining options, play a few billiards, shower, drop your kids off at the child’s play area (if they are traveling with you), and even play a few rounds in a golf simulator. It’s an outstanding lounge and the best of its class!

Which one is your favorite?