There are many futuristic-looking airline cabin concepts that are very different from what we see today, many of which have not yet become a reality until now.

A³ by Airbus Group is an innovative company whose mission is to build the future of flight, now. Recently, A³ has revealed their latest project called “Transpose”, focusing on the development of a new interior arrangement of an airplane, and we’re pretty excited about it—here’s why.

Transpose takes the current space of an airline and reconfigures it, allowing for the additions of spas, gyms, play areas for kids and cafés. Moreover, the concept enables airlines to take sections of the aircraft and swap them out with other sections, adding the type of flexibility that airlines only dream of. Plus, it can increase a carrier’s margins by more than 5 percent due to the fact that travelers are more willing to pay a bit more (an average of 35 percent) for premium seats if the cabin offers additional experiences to choose from while flying. Who wouldn’t want to go for a 30 minute run on their 19-hour flight?

A³ is determined to take this project from a concept to reality, and are currently conducting engineering and technical reviews with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Nonetheless, not all parties are sold on Transpose. Jason Chua, the Project Executive of Transpose, is committed to changing people’s minds. He said for other’s to “suspend their disbelief a little bit and trust” his company, will help prove the immense benefit of the project. Chua also acknowledged that the decision to make this concept something real will essentially all come down on to the airlines.

As carrier companies continue to consider the pros and cons, A³ won’t hold back. The company gears up for its plans for the first Transpose flight. Will we see this first airline concept above the clouds? Only time will tell.

Curious about how this concept will plan out? Check out the short video below, courtesy of Fly Transpose.