Traveling to a destination is an exciting experience, regardless if it’s for business or pleasure. Of course, preparing for your trip, traveling to your destination, and even while you’re in another city or country, can (at times) become stressful. But it doesn’t always have to be so because there are travel apps and gadgets to help make all of our lives easier.

From organizational packs, comfortable clothing, and gear for your electronic devices—we’ve got the list of the top five trending travel gadgets you must get your hands on before you embark on your next journey.


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Nowadays, everyone wants their photos to be the best, but sometimes the smartphone can’t do as much diligence as a professional camera. So to take it up a notch, we recommend the Olloclip—a snap-on lens with a pivot grip for capturing photos and videos no matter where you are. Use the Olloclip’s five-lens set feature (fisheye, super-wide angle, ultra-wide angle, macro 15x, and twice the zoom for photos) to enhance your smartphone’s cameras (front and back). The Olloclip is the ultimate travel photographers’ gadget—say goodbye to expensive camera gear!

BauBax Sweatshirt

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The Baubax Sweatshirt is said to be “the world’s most travel-friendly sweatshirt for all generations” that not only keeps you warm but also features multiple pockets for storing everything you may need while traveling. This includes an iPad pocket, drink pocket, zipper that carries a Pen+Stylus, portable charger pocket, built-in gloves, and neck pillow and so much more. It’s machine washable, so you never have to worry about keeping it clean in fear of having to dry-clean it. Available for men and women.

Google Pixel Buds

Google has recently released the wireless Google Pixel Buds, allowing you to get real-time translations with just a touch of a button. These buds offer five hours of listening time with a single charge. They come with a charging case that allows multiple charges for up to twenty-four hours of listening time—perfect for long days on the road. In addition to it being able to translate on-the-go, the Google Pixel Buds can also play music, messages and more.

The Buds work with a Pixel or any smartphone running on Android Marshmallow or newer.

Voltaic Amp Solar Charger

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Are you one to be away from a power socket for long periods of time? Then the Voltaic Amp Solar Charger is just what you may need. It’s a portable, purse-sized USB charger you can take anywhere you go, and will charge your devices as long as there’s sunshine. It’s extremely compact—put it in your backpack or strap it on to your belt. This Solar Charger has a three-to-one ratio of charge power to time exposed outside. You also don’t have to worry about water or rain because it’s designed to be waterproof, in addition to being coated with urethane for an extra layer of protection. The Voltaic Amp Solar Charger includes V15 USB battery and micro-USB cable.

Head Case

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Although this is not a gadget per se, it’s useful and fun! The Head Case by Firebox is a new way to make your bag stand out on the baggage claim carousel. Say goodbye to tying on colored ribbons and/or tape, and say hello to this easy bag identifier with YOUR face on it.

The Head Case is made from strong, polyester spandex that stretches over your luggage while keeping an open space for you to access the handles without removing it. The Head Case comes in various sizes to fit all of your suitcases—perfect for the entire family!