Just last week, Singapore Airlines unveiled their brand new seats aboard their A380s, and they are outstanding. If you thought their updated business class was superb, then wait until you see their first class luxury suite.

Singapore Airlines has moved first class to the upper deck to create a more premium cabin experience for high-paying passengers, which means they not only transferred the entire business class cabin to the main level but also decreased the number of first class suites from twelve to only six.

Those of you who are looking to experience these seats can start doing so this December with routes from Singapore to Sydney. Additional destinations for this aircraft will be revealed next year. So what will it feel like flying aboard their new A380s in first class? Let’s take a look inside:

There are three suites located on the left and three on the right. Each suite has a sliding door, making you feel like you have your own mini hotel room 30,000 feet above the ground. The suite features a leather swivel chair, a bed measuring 76 inches long with luxurious bedding, an entertainment screen that’s 32 inches in diameter (plus another smaller one in front of the chair to be used at takeoff and landing), a table with storage space and a personal mirror. Since the chair and bed are completely separate, you never have to worry about adjusting it.

Since Singapore Airlines reduced the total number of first class suites, the space for each one increased by 70 percent. This has allowed the carrier to build a personal closet in each one that is large enough to store your full-sized carry-on. Now, you will not need to leave your “room” to grab items from your carry-on.

Although the airline will not install a bar or shower on the A380, it will, however, have a very comfortable and large washroom to change into your pajamas, and freshen up during the flight. Who knew a lavatory can be so extravagant?

For a very long time, Etihad was known as the carrier that had the best first class seats (known as the First Apartment), but with these new suites from Singapore Airlines, Etihad may no longer be number one in first class luxury for commercial airlines.

For a full tour of the suite, check out the video below, courtesy of Singapore Airlines.