Lufthansa’s new business class cabin that will debut in 2020 offers passenger sitting in the middle aisle to feel like a king/ queen with its throne-like single seat.

But they are not the only airline that is changing the way you feel in premier cabins. Malaysia Airlines’ new business class on the A350 has large desk space on both ends of the seat, enhancing the amount of space around you (similar to that of Lufthansa’s new cabin).

(Video source: Head for Points / YouTube)

This new design is called the “throne” seat, perfect for those of you who are traveling for business and need the extra space to work comfortably. Disperse your laptop, documents, headphones, and any other materials needed to finish up that last-minute project without feeling frantic of what’s where. Plus, this new design gives you greater privacy away from your neighbors.

The seat itself converts into a fully-flat bed, and is larger in both width and length, measuring 22 inches wide (2 inches longer than its predecessor), and 78 inches long (3 inches longer than its predecessor). Moreover, each seat features a touchscreen to control the 16 inches, HD entertainment TV, located by the armrest, rather than the shoulder area as you would see on the A330.

But not all seats are created equal. For those of you would like to sit in one of the “throne” spots, make sure to book seat 2K, 5K, 9K or 11K. Interestingly enough, they are all situated on the right side of the plane.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for years to experience this new business class seat. Beginning this month, you can take flight aboard Malaysia Airlines A350 to a European destination and sit on the throne!