Finnair has recently upgraded their business class cabin to one that’s cleaner and minimalist by changing out the interior colors, pillows, blankets, plates and glasses, and amenity kits.

Similar to that of Lufthansa’s Business Class, Finnair’s new cabin interior portrays Northern European nature. According to the Head of Cabin Interior Development at Finnair, David Kondo, their “new seat textiles and comfort amenities have a fresh and modern aesthetic that is inspired by Nordic homes and landscapes”. From the soft white that represents snow to the mix of grey and off-white that depict birch trees, the new cabin is as refreshing as a morning hike in the mountains.

Aside from the interior colors, the seat itself can be adjusted into a fully-flat, horizontal bed that measures 6 feet 6 inches—perfect for those of you who are taller than average :). Moreover, the seat has a curved back “wall” and is angled to allow for extra privacy away from fellow passengers.

Other features include a small storage bin underneath the side table, A/C sockets, reading light, Bose wireless headphones, desk, and an HD touch-screen to keep you entertained for hours.

Aside from the seat, the new amenity kits have been redesigned by Marimekko (which the airline has partnered with since 2012). Pictured above are the new kits in the front, and the older ones in the back. Each one is equipped with the essentials: an eye mask, earplugs, a dental kit, and body lotion to keep you clean, refreshed and ready to go when you arrive at your destination.

Finnair’s business class seat and amenity kit design are not the only aspects of the refresh. The menu has also been expanded to offer more food and wine options, available to order at any time during the flight. From Jerusalem artichoke with cep mushrooms and pear to braised ox with celeriac and kale, the new menu is seasonal and fresh, created by the world-renown Swedish chef, Tommy Myllymäki. But that’s not all for this Nordic airline. Finnair is launching “Kahvikutsut”, a Finnish tradition of serving coffee with various sweets—from chocolate and coffee cakes to pies and cinnamon buns—in between meal services. It’s absolutely delicious.

For a  full tour of the Finnair business class cabin, check out the video here, courtesy of Jaakko Slotte via Vimeo.