Air France has been working on some recent updates, including their new business class seat available on their Dreamliner, and more recently the business class lounge in Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

The airline hired Brandimage to help take the brand on a whole new level, which is strongly present in this upgraded lounge. From online to airport, the carrier will continue to transform their older look into one that’s more fresh, current and inviting.

(Video source: InflightXperience / YouTube)

One of the most exciting additions is the Clarins lounge and spa that’s “designed as a luxury box”, offering facials, massages, sauna, detox bar with tea and drinks, shower area, relaxation section, and a boutique.

Aside from the spa, travelers will be able to enjoy sitting and relaxing on modern furniture, and pick up drinks and food from a food bar with a “show” kitchen, a concept where the kitchen area is design in way that can be seen by anyone who passes by (versus one that’s closed off).

But that’s not all. Come July of this year, Air France will complete the VIP room, a bar with complimentary drinks during “happy hours”, and kids play area—there will be entertainment for everyone.

And to boost up the sleekness of this new lounge, the carrier has installed “a digital directory, a 3D digital work, a “wow” effect right from the lobby, and a sky in a light therapy atmosphere”.

According to Air France, this new lounge is a model for Charles de Gaulle International Airport, the airline’s hub, which will help “guide” the developments for its future, designated pre-flight rest areas.