Each year, we list several must-have travel apps every traveler needs (check out our lists for 2016 and 2017). And with new ones coming out almost daily, it can be tough to browse through the best ones. So to make all your lives just a little less complicated, we’ve listed three trending apps we’ve seen that are only making their way into the app world but are also better than some of the more well-known ones.


Are you one of those travelers that love to explore on their own, without the help of a guide? Then you’ll love the Detour app, offering you tours in over 17 different major cities worldwide. The app has three main features including Location-Aware that “keeps the narrator in sync with your location” so you can enjoy your surroundings rather than constantly stare at your screen; Social, which allows you to share the audio tour with friends so they can hear along with you; and Cinematic Production, which has narrations by famous people such as “Join Ken Burns, Radiolab, Errol Morris, Philip Petit and more” who will take you around some of the most famous locations in the world.


Packing is probably the least favorite thing to do before a trip because let’s face it, sometimes we forget to pack something we end up needing, or we end up overpacking and lugging around more weight than necessary. But with PackPoint, you can get organized to the T. All you need to do is input your travel dates, destination city, and some information about what you plan on doing there (i.e. swimming, hiking, working), and the app will generate a packing list that’s tailored to your trip. Traveling with a group of people? Share your list to help others pack as well!


No matter where you go, eating is always a must! Rather than relying on Yelp or other similar platforms, we recommend trying EatWith, available worldwide! The app connects you with local chefs that host meals in their home (some may rent out a kitchen somewhere, but not often). Dinners are not only unique, creative and authentic but are also are filled with fun and laughter. You get to dine with other guests (who can be from anywhere in the world) for a few hours, eating multiple course meals and enjoying fine wine, liquor or more.