Next year, those flying to Honolulu from Tokyo on All Nippon Airways (ANA) can experience the brand-new first class and business class cabin aboard their upcoming double-decker A380.

ANA has taken a similar approach in design, similar to that of Oman Air’s new first class suite and South African Airways business class seat, but with their own twist to suit their brand. Let’s take a look a little deeper into what these two cabins will look like when they debut next year.

First Class

Situated in the upper deck, the first class cabin will have eight first class suites, positioned in a 1-2-1 layout. Each suite will have automatic doors that can be slid open and close with a touch of a button for extreme privacy, a TV screen measuring 32 inches to keep you entertained for hours, large table for your laptop and meals, additional lights, and a small closet space to hang your coat or jacket.

And as with all first class seats, there will be outlets to keep your devices charged throughout the flight. ANA has also added on a room on the main cabin where passengers from first class and business class can utilize to change outfits anytime during the flight—whether it’s changing into pajamas and then back into regular clothes, or from casual clothes into a business suit. Additionally, the room can be used as a changing or nursing area for parents and their babies.

Business Class

The business class cabin has two locations, behind first class in the upper deck, and in the front of the main deck. Like first class, ANA business class has been designed in a 1-2-1 layout with a total of 56 seats that also convert into a fully-flat bed.

Because of the layout, the middle section is ideal for those traveling together, and even if you are a single passenger, there’s a separator that can be lifted for privacy.

Other ANA business class features include an 18-inch touch screen, large table and a side table for your electronics, cuisines and drinks, as well as outlets to keep your devices charged. Unfortunately, the size of the seat (even for first class) has yet to be unveiled.

Aside from the new ANA first class and business class cabin, the airline has designed its interior with various hues of blues to match the Earth’s sky—a common theme we’ve seen in other airlines such as Lufthansa and Finnair. (As some of you may have read, blue airplane interiors are supposed to calm the passengers, according to statistics on airplane cabin interior color studies).

The carrier has ordered three A380s that will feature these new seats, making ANA the only Japanese airline operating this large jet. For a closer look, check out the video below, courtesy of ANA All Nippon Airways.