Two years ago, United unveiled its brand-new business class seats called Polaris, which have been a hit ever since. But the airline didn’t stop there—the next upgrade was going to be on the ground.

The first opening of a United Polaris business class lounge was in Chicago last year, and only two weeks ago, our very own SFO welcomed the new lounge. The metamorphosis from the old lounge is spectacular, so if you have yet to see the inside, here’s what you can expect:

United Polaris business class lounge in SFO is incredibly large, a must since it’s open to all United business and first class passengers, as well as premier passengers flying on airlines part of the Star Alliance. To get a sense of how large it is, the space measures 28,000 square feet, which was only possible because United took over the previous Singapore Airlines and EVA Air lounges.

The lounge can sit a total of 440 travelers, but these will not accommodate everyone, so make sure to check in as soon as possible to get a spot. The good thing is that the 440 seats are not situated in just one section, there are 19 various areas that range from a semi-private cubical to basic table and chair. Don’t worry, 492 outlets and 492 USB ports have been installed all over the place, so you will always find somewhere to charge up your devices (even if you don’t find a chair).

United Polaris business class lounge is separated into two floors. The first floor consists of the lobby/ check-in area, some seats, eight shower rooms that can be reserved ahead of time, and a sleeping area with five beds to catch some zzz’s before your flight. Thankfully, the sleeping section is very quiet so the sounds of the hundreds of passengers coming in and out will not disturb you.

The second floor is the best spot, with an extremely long corridor featuring enough windows to see parts of the Bay Area and the runways. There’s also a large bar with 20 seats offering you any drink you can think of, and a full-blown buffet to keep your stomach satisfied no matter how long you’re in the lounge for. If you’re not one for a buffet, there’s a separate menu available for those who want to eat a-la-carte.

Aside from dining, drinking and relaxing, United Polaris business class lounge has built a multi-purpose space called “The Studio,” which can be used for parties or other events, and while not in use, a sushi station will sit in its place.

Other features include a laundry service in case you need last-minute steam or full cleaning and pajamas and toiletries to freshen up before your flight.

Make sure to check out the below video to get the tour of the new space, courtesy of United.