This year, Singapore Airlines (SIA) completely reinvented their premium cabins, including their luxurious first class suites, and their business class seats that can convert into a double bed.

Now, it’s taking the title of flying the world’s longest flight beginning this October, traveling from Singapore to Newark. Those who will book this trip will have to stay on the same airplane for 19 hours. Now that’s a challenge!

Singapore Airlines will use its new A350 airplanes designed for these mega flights and will travel a total of 10,377 miles.

The most surprising part of this airplane (and flight) is that it’s only available to those in business and premium economy. That’s right, first class and basic economy do not exist on this long-haul route. There will be a total of 161 seats, with 67 in business and 94 in premium economy. So if you’re gearing up to take this 19-hour trip, you can do so in comfort up to three times a week.

Some of you may remember SIA used to fly the same route for almost a decade but was canceled five years ago because it wasn’t making enough revenue to keep it going. The reason being was that Singapore Airlines used the A340s for this long-haul, which wasn’t fuel-efficient. Now, with the emergence of the A350s and Dreamliners, airlines such as SIA are able to expand their business by flying to more destinations around the world while saving more.

Aside from this Singapore Airlines flight route, there are other airlines that also fly long-haul (although not as far). Here are the top five that follow:

Qatar Airways:
Route: Doha – Auckland
Miles: 9,028
Flight Time: 17 hours, 30 minutes

Route: London-Perth
Distance: 9,007 miles
Flight Time: 17 hours, 20 minutes

Route: Dubai-Auckland
Distance: 8,823 miles
Flight Time: 17 hours, 15 minutes

United Airlines:
Route: Los Angeles-Singapore
Distance: 8,769 miles
Flight Time: 17 hours, 40 minutes

United Airlines:
Route: Houston-Sydney
Distance: 8,595 miles
Flight Time: 17 hours, 30 minutes

How many have you taken any one of these long-haul routes? And if you have, how was your experience?