Two years ago, Delta Air Lines announced their new business class cabin named “Delta One”, which was installed across their A350s in 2017. Just a few weeks ago, the airline revealed their revamped Boeing 777s, featuring the Delta One premium cabin. The result? Ultimate luxury for those who will be flying with Delta via the Detroit and Beijing route starting this July. By 2019, the carrier’s fleet of Boeing 777s will all encompass the latest Delta premier cabin.

Delta premier cabin

(Image source: Daryl Bjoraas, Gannett)

Since the Boeing 777 is a wide-bodied jet, the entire airplane will seat a total 296 travelers, 28 of them will be the Delta One business class. However, due to the design of the latest premier cabin, there will be 9 less seats than its predecessor. (In the previous design, Delta’s Boeing 777s featured 37 seats in business class.) One major difference in the design compared to the one found on the A350s is the layout. Each business class seat on the 777 is forward-facing, whereas the Delta premier cabin on the A350 features angled seats. Nonetheless, everything else remains pretty much the same, including the menu, featuring 17 different unique meals to choose from, and luxurious pajamas and TUMI amenity kits that will be handed out to each Delta One passenger. 

We love all the features of Delta One. From fine leather stitching on ever corner…

Delta One business class

(Image source: Daryl Bjoraas, Gannett)

…to a private suite with automated sliding doors, and a touch-pad right at your fingertips to adjust the setting around you, Delta One is quite the experience.

Delta One business class seat

(Image source: Daryl Bjoraas, Gannett)

When it’s time to rest or catch some zzz’s on the long flight, the memory foam seat converts into a comfortable, fully-flat bed… 

Delta One business class cabin design

(Image source: Daryl Bjoraas, Gannett)

…and each passenger will get to snuggle up with Westin Heavenly® bedding, which includes an oversized white comforter and hypoallergenic, down-alternative pillows. Who ever said traveling can’t be comfortable?

Although the current route is only between two cities, Delta Air Lines will add on additional international routes for the Boeing 777, although exact ones have not yet been revealed.