In 3000 BC, Athens was established on top of the rock of Acropolis. Thousands of years later, the city became the epicenter where history, poetry, politics, and culture flourished. Even after its fall and rise throughout the ages, Athens remains one of the most fascinating places to visit.

From ancient ruins and public parks to cafes and restaurants serving the best Greek wine and cuisines, Athens offers something for everyone. Here are our top five gems you should consider putting on your list next time you’re there.

Tailor Made

Coffee, anyone? Start your day off at Tailor Made, a super trendy café serving some of the best coffees and curated teas to wake you up for a day of exploring. During the evenings, Tailor Made serves cocktails and wines—it offers the best of both worlds!

Tailor Made is located in a square, and has a lot of outdoor seating that makes chatting and catching up with friends a real treat. And if you’re there alone, sit down, relax and watch the crowds go by as you sip on your Flat White.

Temple of Hephaestus

Rather than visiting Parthenon, we recommend checking out another ruin—the Temple of Hephaestus. Before it served as an Orthodox church for over a thousand years, it was first built in 450 BC as a dedication to the god of blacksmiths, Hephaestus. The Temple of Hephaestus once was the epicenter of workshops, which is why it was built where it was built, northwest of the Acropolis in ancient Agora. It’s also the most well-preserved temple in Athens.

We recommend a private tour of the temple and surrounding archeological sites. You can visit it as part of the Athens bumper pack package deal (which only costs 30 Euro for five days).


Monastiraki is an older part of Athens where you can do a lot of damage via shopping. Because it’s more historical, you will notice influences from the two great empires: Byzantine and Ottoman.

Ready to go shopping? Make your way down the narrow streets and check out the various items sold by local vendors. From shoes, clothing and books, to antiques and handmade crafts, Monastiraki is a great place to purchase some gifts for friends and family back home. Sunday is the best day to go, but make sure get there early (before 11am) to avoid the crowds.

There are also restaurants and cafes that can help tide you over after a morning of shopping.


Athens can be somewhat on the less clean side, so for those looking to spend some time in the more luxurious end, head over Glyfada. It’s a newer area with golf clubs, designer shops, high-end eateries, upscale cafes and a thriving nightlife.

Because it’s located in the southern part of Athens, Glyfada has beaches connected to the resorts. You can take a luxurious boat ride on a yacht, or go on a guided tour to explore nearby hidden caves. Plus, if you love the water, sign up for a day of scuba diving!

Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

When you’re ready to wind down, make your way to Cinque Wine & Deli Bar to enjoy some amazing food and excellent Greek wine. It’s the place to go if traveling with a significant other, or just to have a chat with your fellow traveler. Cinque Wine & Deli Bar is very comfortable, and the atmosphere is cozy (you’ll almost feel right at home).

We recommend ordering the cheese and meat platter to accompany your wine. It’s not a restaurant, so make sure you grab a bite to eat elsewhere before heading to Cinque. Another plus? the service is actually great, with friendly and knowledgeable waiters that really know their wines.

No matter if you’re in Athens for a day or even a week, the ancient city has much to offer for those who love history. From dining to drinking, exploring and relaxing, Athens is another destination you should add to your list when visiting Greece.

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