In 2016, Airbus announced a new airplane and interior concept design for the A330neo series. And now, we will soon be able to set flight on the A330-900neo, a wide-body, long-haul jet designed to seat about 287 travelers throughout three cabins. (For those who may be wondering, “neo” is short for “new engine option,” which uses less fuel compared to similar aircraft.)

This variant of the A330neo series features the new Airspace interior design, LED mood lighting, and more space in the overhead bins, which will make you feel like you truly are inside a modern-day spaceship. Plus, the A330-900neo will make even less noise than the previous A330s. Soon, we may have cabins that are so quiet we’ll forget we’re flying!

(Video source: Airbus / YouTube)

The Airspace design (video above) is truly remarkable. Roser Roca-Toha, Interiors Marketing Director for Airbus, has created the interior to feature “uninterrupted lines [so that] when passengers board, they can feel the space and the well being.” And although each individual carrier can select how they want their seats (pitch, count, design), the overall layout of the space remains the same.

Other recognizable features include adjustable tray-tables that offer a comfortable space between the table and the seat, as well as headrests that can be changed in six different ways depending on the height of the traveler.

The seats in each cabin can slightly vary in size and width, but first and business are lie-flat with direct aisle access, whereas the economy cabin is set in a 2-4-2 layout.

In terms of other interesting characteristics that will make flying much more enjoyable (regardless what cabin you are in), are the upgraded lavatories that smell great, have surfaces that are antibacterial, and lighting that’s not overly bright but rather calming. Who knew lavatories can actually be nice outside of the ones found on Emirates or Singapore Airlines?

Looking at the exterior, one may notice that the A330-900neo wingtips have been curved or flipped upwards. This helps the airplane fly faster by slicing through wind resistance. Plus, the wings are 13 feet longer compared to the A330-200 and A330-300 models, which also helps reduce fuel consumption.

TAP Portugal and Delta Air Lines are the two carriers that have ordered the A330-900neos. TAP will begin flying the new A330neo variant this year, whereas Delta will begin in 2019.

Who is excited to fly on this beauty in the very near future?