Oman Air has made some major improvements this year, starting with their new First Class Suite and now with the opening of their divine first class and business class lounges in Muscat International Airport.

One of the most notable aspects of these lounges is the decor and style. The design is remarkable, where you can see different gold tones in every little piece throughout the lounges, making it seem like you’re in a luxurious dessert with everything you need right at your fingertips.

The interior architecture is traditional and based on Arabic culture, where rooms are created to be free-flowing and exclusive at the same time.

The lounges are large, with business class measuring 24,908 square feet, which can fit up to 516 travelers, and first class measuring 4,618 square feet, which can fit up to 100 travelers.

Each lounge is equipped with various rooms, including one for entertainment, a space to eat and drink, a spot for prayer, a place to store luggage, work, or sleep. There’s even a baby changing area, kid’s entertainment play space, and even a spa called “Chedi” providing free 15 minute services for those who need a message right before their flight.

If you’re flying First Class, the lounge provides you with a limo chauffeur service to take you to the airplane from the lounge. Oman Air First Class lounge also has a personal chef and private rooms where you can catch a few zzz’s.

But business and first class lounges are not the only new addition. There’s also a separate arrival lounge that measures 2,551 square feet, and cat fit up to 90 travelers. The arrival lounge, located between the two floors, is just as tranquil and beautiful as the business and first class lounges, featuring showers, chairs, tables and a dining area with a bar.

“Oman Air is increasingly, and rightly, recognized as one of the world’s leading luxury airlines and we are committed to even more innovation, expansion and development, and to delivering an unmatched passenger experience for all our customers. The new lounges at Muscat International Airport reflect both that commitment and our dedication to providing our First Class and Business Class customers with unparalleled standards of luxury and service,” said Peter Hill, the CEO of Oman Air.