Airlines have been improving premium cabins drastically over the past 10 years. And it’s to be expected as passengers who are willing to pay that extra money are demanding better comfort and amenities to keep up with the changing times. From Singapore’s First Class Suite and Oman Air’s First Class Cabin to Emirates business class seat and Qatar Airways Qsuite, the aviation world is booming in the luxury department.

In the near future, we will see these airlines and others push the limits of what flying should feel and look like with the redesign of newer, fresher-looking cabins in both business and first class. With that said, here’s a look at some interesting, yet very appropriate futuristic seat designs that make a lot of sense. Because as we may know, there are certain cabin concepts that can seem a bit unreal for our lifetime.

Butterfly Seat

Paperclip Design, a company in Hong Kong, has come up with a unique seat layout called the “Butterfly Seat” for business class. The concept is that it can be used as both a premium economy seat or a business class seat. If premium economy, then there would be two seats that offset from each other, and if used as business, then passengers would be able to fold down the inner seat to create a suite. The suite features a seat and a mini couch, and when folded, a bed to sleep and relax in.

Premium Seat

JPA Design, a company based in London, has been developing various business and first class seats for airlines, one of which is the new Singapore Airlines Business Class.

JPA Design’s futuristic seat design doesn’t have an official name, but it does involve reinventing recreation while flying. This means wrapping entertainment screens, creating better lighting, and detailing the leather seats so that travelers can feel more comfortable as though they are being driven around in a luxury car instead of flying on a plane. It gives them the option to submerge themselves in their own space and have a completely different, yet pleasant traveling experience.

Immersive Seat

Designworks, a BMW Group Company, and BE Aerospace came up with a premium seat concept for airlines that involves touch controls and ones that have been installed in the seat on both armrests. The 24-inch monitor features the capability for a traveler’s smartphone or tablet to sync with the entertainment screen so that they can watch what they have already stored/ downloaded. The futuristic seat design also offers wireless charging for devices that support this feature, a virtual window that can be customized to each passenger, surround sound and massage transducers. Plus, the seat can sync with whatever film or show the passenger is watching, and the seat will move when intense scenes play. The Immersive Seat is quite the experience and is on a whole new level of business/first class air travel.

Which one of these concepts is your most favorite?