Fall is the perfect time of the year to pack your bags and head off to an international destination, especially for those who skipped out on a summer vacation.

From Europe to Asia, we’ve got you covered. Here are this year’s fall getaways to escape the crowds, weather, or just to relax and unwind before the holiday season hits.


Zurich, Switzerland is an ideal destination for the fall, thanks to the great weather (not too cold, not too hot), historic and old-European streets made from cobblestone and buildings constructed during the middle ages, mixed with modern-day cafes, restaurants and stores. Moreover, the city offers travelers various museums such as the Museum of Art, Rietberg Museum, SWISS National Museum and FIFA World Football Museum. Zurich also hosts several festivals in the fall including Zurich Film Festival, Art International Zurich and Jazznojazz. Switzerland’s largest city is a perfect destination who are looking for a fun getaway in Europe.


If you’re a fan of the new film, Crazy Rich Asians, and have yet to go to Singapore, then this fall is the perfect time to visit this beautiful city. For those who have been to Southeast Asia know that its almost always hot and humid, however, September is a great time to go as the humidity levels in Singapore tend to be a lot lower, making the overall experience of being there, outside, more enjoyable.

As far as activities, Singapore hosts some excellent festivals including Grand Prix, a series of parties and events that lead up to the FIA Formula One World Championship; Mid-Autumn Festival, which celebrates the moon and includes lantern lighting and moon cake eating. Aside from the festivals, Singapore offers gorgeous parks such as the Botanical Gardens, luxurious shopping options, high-end restaurants as well as night markets, and excellent views of the city for those who are staying at Marina Bay Sands (you can also enjoy views from the infinity pool by paying a day entrance free). With so much to do and see there, we recommend checking out Singapore as a fall getaway this year.


Another destination in Europe that’s perfect for a fall getaway is Bavaria, a federal state of Germany. It’s a magical area surrounded by nature—from mountains to forests, this place has it all for those who want to escape from a large city. The fall is a perfect time to visit especially with Oktoberfest in full bloom. In addition to lots of beer drinking and entertainment, Bavaria also offers great hiking spots, horse trails, and a ton of castles and other royal residences (now mostly museums) to explore. If you’re considering Europe, we recommend Bavaria as your upcoming fall getaway.


Many Game of Throne fans out there are eager to visit one of Croatia’s notable cities, Dubrovnik. This coastal city is perfect for a fall getaway as most of the tourists have returned home, and the weather is ideal as summers here can get heated. Dubrovnik offers amazing views of the Adriatic Sea, beaches, hiking, sailing and of course options to relax and unwind away from a busy city. Plus, you can enjoy festivals such as the International Festival of Jams & MarmaladesDubrovnik Film Festival or the Dubrovnik Good Food Festival. Don’t miss out on one of Europe’s most go-to destination while the weather is good and the crowds are less!

If these or any other destinations speak to you, we’d love to help you get there in comfort and save you up to 70% off. Submit a flight request or contact your agent and we’ll find the best dates to travel there!