Panama’s flagship carrier, Copa Airlines, just released their brand new business class on the Boeing 737-9, a narrow-body aircraft. (The 737-9 is also the fastest-selling airplane in Boeing history, according to airplane manufacturer.)

Copa Airlines business class is set in a 2-2 layout with a total of 16 seats—unfortunately, not everyone will have direct aisle access. Nonetheless, each one has a seat pitch of 60 inches and turns into a fully-flat bed, a feature that the current premier cabin does not offer.

The new Copa Airlines business class is named “Dreams”—a title that represents the company’s vision and thought behind the customer’s seat and flight experience. The “Dream” idea extends to the luxury bedding and pillows that have also been updated, as well as the improved amenity kit by Biomuseom, which is made from recyclable materials. The amenity kit has a toothbrush and toothpaste, hand cream, eye mask, and a pair of socks. Each passenger also receives noise-canceling headphones to keep you in that “dream” state.

In terms of entertainment, the new Copa Airlines business class seat has a touch-screen TV that measures 16 inches wide, featuring the latest shows and films, as well as music videos and audio broadcasting in various languages including English and Portuguese.

As with all premier seats, there are AC power plugs and USB outlets to keep all your devices charged at all times. Plus, those who tend to have larger (or more) bags than usual will be able to store it in spacious overhead bins that are 50 percent bigger than those found on the Boeing 737-800 series.

Ready to experience the new Copa Airlines business class? Now you can with flights to/from Panama and Tampa, Panama and Miami, and Panama and Los Angeles, which began in late-September. The carrier also plans on using the Max 9 for flights between Panama and New York, Boston, Orlando and Las Vegas at the end of this year.