Finding WiFi while traveling can be cumbersome, and not everyone has a global plan with a hotspot. This is why Jing Liu, the founder of Skyroam, developed the cyber SIM technology a decade ago, allowing travelers to connect to the Internet no matter when or where.

Their greatest product to date is the Skyroam Solis, which can be used for more than 16 hours in over 130 countries and can ship to over 150 destinations. Plus, Skyroam, has over 500 retail locations around the world. From wearables and tablets to smartphones and laptops, Skyroam Solis is one of the “most efficient and open mobile data access provider” you can get your hands on.

It works where there is cell reception, so you’re probably out of luck if you’re on a cruise ship or flying in an airplane, but aside from that, Skyroam Solis will operate almost anywhere. The best part is that it’s easy to use and only involves three steps:

Step 1: Buy or rent Skyroam Solis. There are several pricing options, so for those who travel often can buy one for $149.99 and go unlimited for $9 a day, or $99 for one month. If you need it just for a single trip, there’s an unlimited option to rent Skyroam Solis for $9.95 a day.

Step 2: Turn it on and press the start button. Skyroam Solis can connect up to five devices all at the same time. Say good-bye to switching back and forth between devices just to connect to the Internet!

Step 3: Connect and feel secure knowing your data is safe while surfing. Watch films, play games or crank through those projects no matter where your travels take you. And don’t worry, you can use it while traveling from one country to the next without having to change out the SIM card.

Don’t forget to download the new app available on iTunes and Google Play to manage your account, purchase service, check your data usage and status.

Ready to get started? Click here to get Skyroam Solis for your upcoming vacation or business trip!