As the air travel industry continues to grow, customers are always looking for more direct flights or at least ones with better connections. As a result, airlines release new flight routes to boost revenue and help travelers connect to more destinations than ever before.

Carriers such as Delta, Air France, United, American Airlines, British Airways, and others will open up new non-stop flights to countries all over the world. Here are the new flight routes we’re looking forward to in 2019.

To Asia

March 2019: Japan Airlines offers non-stop flights between Tokyo and Seattle. Partner airlines including Delta and All Nippon Airways will also fly non-stop to/from Seattle and Tokyo.

April 2019: Cathay Pacific opens non-stop routes from Hong Kong and Seattle, four times a week. Additionally, Korean Air will offer non-stop flights between Boston and Seoul.

July 2019: Delta begins non-stop flights to/from Atlanta to Shanghai. The airline attempted this same flight route twice before but was not profitable. Now, Delta believes it will be successful—third time’s a charm!

To Europe

March 2019: Air France flies non-stop from Dallas to Paris and back, five times a week.

April 2019: American Airlines offers non-stop, seasonal flights to and from Philadelphia and Edinburgh.

May 2019: Delta flies seasonal, non-stop flights from Boston to Lisbon and back, which will end beginning of September. They are also starting non-stop routes from Tampa to Amsterdam.

June 2019: American Airlines, the world’s largest carrier, is expanding even further with non-stop routes between Philadelphia and Berlin, as well as Bologna and even Dubrovnik.

To the Middle East

May 2019: United Airlines begins non-stop flights between Washington and Tel Aviv, three times a week.

Which route are you most excited about? And, will this change your upcoming vacation plans?