Each year, AirlineRatings releases a report of the safest airlines in the world based on various analytics, some of which include “legislation, organization, licensing, operations, airworthiness, accident investigation, air navigation service and aerodromes”. Each airline can acquire a maximum of seven stars from two major audits, from being free of any fatalities within the past 10 years, and from not being on an EU or US blacklist. After all the stars have been calculated, airlines with the most are composed into a top 20 list.

The report analyses more than 400 airlines, and these are the carriers have won the safety factor above all others:

For the past four years, Qantas was voted the world’s safest airline, and although it remains to have one of the best track records when it comes to safety, it was not rated number one for 2018 (but it was still at the top). According to AirlineRatings Chief Editor, Geoffrey Thomas, “Qantas has been the lead airline in virtually every major operational safety advancement over the past 60 years and has not had a fatality in the jet era. But Qantas is not alone. Long established airlines such as Hawaiian and Finnair also have perfect records in the jet era.”

This year’s top safest airlines are two European carriers—British Airways, which is releasing a new Club World Business Class next year, and Virgin Atlantic, which revealed a new upper class for premium passengers.

Additional carriers that have made it on to the list is Singapore Airlines, awarded Best Airline in the World, EVA, which recently revealed an ultra-lux business class seat, and Cathay Pacific, an airline that has made it on the top 10 world’s best list in various business and first class Skytrax categories for 2018.

Only two American carriers made it to the current year’s lineup, including Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Here are all the airlines that made it to the top 20 (in alphabetical order):

• Air New Zealand
• Alaska Airlines
• All Nippon Airways
• British Airways
• Cathay Pacific Airways
• Emirates
• Etihad Airways
• EVA Air
• Finnair
• Hawaiian Airlines
• Japan Airlines
• Lufthansa
• Qantas
• Royal Jordanian Airlines
• Scandinavian Airline System
• Singapore Airlines
• Swiss
• Virgin Atlantic
• Virgin Australia

A few airlines from the 2017 lineup didn’t make it on here, but they are still great airlines and continue to bring the best to their customers. Were you surprised by the 2018 results?