Qantas recently opened a brand new lounge just last year in Heathrow International Airport, while at the same time upgrading their business class seat to something super sleek.

In more recent news, Qantas is gearing up to debut it’s newest hangout area in Changi Airport, moving all first class passengers over to the new lounge as the current Qantas Changi Airport lounge will be turned into a business class lounge.

The Qantas first class lounge will be built to accommodate 240 travelers with various rooms including a bar, full kitchen offering the best Singaporean cuisine, shower area, workspaces and relaxation spots. The lounge promises “a relaxing, high-quality environment for passengers to either start their international journey or transit through Singapore”.

The lounge has been created with sustainability in mind, by designing furniture and surface tops with environmentally-friendly materials, installing lights that use minimal energy, and providing resources for customers that are top-notch, while still remaining luxurious.

The new Qantas first class lounge will be located in Terminal 1 by gates beginning with D, which is further away from the current, soon to be a business class lounge, located by gates beginning with C.

The Qantas first class lounge is set to open towards the end of 2019 and is accessible to those flying in first class, travelers who are Platinum, Platinum One and Oneworld Emerald frequent fliers, and members of the Chairman’s Lounge.

Learn more about this Qantas First Class Lounge, here.