It’s been 40 years since the first business class seat was established. Since then, it has become better and better throughout the last decade. Just when you think it couldn’t get more luxurious than some of the fines business class seats around—we’re looking at you Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways—three major collaborators including B/E Aerospace, Teague and Formation Design Group and Panasonic, came together to design one of the most revolutionary business class seats. This one is dubbed Waterfront, and we can’t wait for it to debut in 2019.

(Video source: Best Travel Destination / YouTube)

The Waterfront seat design was first released in 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Although it is constructed from current models by B/E Aerospace, the technology it incorporates is what makes Waterfront revolutionary.

The seat features a 4K Ultra-HD screen measuring 24 inches that can connect to the traveler’s smartphone through an app. Or, if the traveler’s phone does not support it, they can use the tablet that has been issued with each seat.

Aside from controlling the entertainment screen, the app can also change the position of the seat from an upwards position for takeoff and landing to a fully flat bed of up to 79 inches when it’s time to relax. But that’s not all, the app can also change the settings of the air vent, order anything off the food menu or from duty-free, and best of all, play whatever the traveler has already pre-downloaded onto their device before boarding the airplane.

The seat features the same type of service you would get in a hotel room, including a “Do Not Disturb” light that can be turned on, as well as having the option to arrange a wake-up call—one of the flight attendants will make sure you’re up and ready to go as soon as you land.

The program is so advanced that if a traveler has multiple stops, or flies within the airline alliance, all settings will be stored and ready to use on the next flight. This new technology allows the entire experience to be customizable, which also includes the lighting. For instance, the lights inside the pod can be adjusted based on if the seat is upright or flat, allowing the surrounding area to feel more like a theater. Additionally, the entertainment screen can be used to take a photo of yourself that you can then share on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms while flying.

To make it even more comfortable, the seat can be turned on heat mode in case the passenger is feeling a chill, or the air vents can be turned up if they’re feeling a bit overheated.

It’s unknown which airline will purchase this revolutionary business class seat, but whoever does, is about to make flying just as amazing in business class as it is in first class.