Packing and unpacking may be the least favorite part about traveling. Knowing what to bring with you, without bringing your entire closet, is always a challenge. And for those who only take a personal item such as a small backpack, purse or briefcase, along with a carry-on (rather than a large suitcase), packing enough clothes and shoes can be even more overwhelming.

So to help you get the most out of the little space you have, we’ve found the best videos out there that teach you how to pack certain pieces of clothes, even shoes. These packing hacks are also great ways to keep your personal belongings wrinkle-free so that you can arrive at your destination ready for a meeting or a day full of activities.


Pants and/or Jeans




Jackets and Button-Up/ Zipped Sweaters

Ski or Puff Jackets

What’s your best hacking hack? Do you have a certain way of folding, rolling or stuffing clothes to make more room in your luggage?