Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable and depending on where you’re traveling to, having the best gear to make sure you’re comfortable as well as safe is always a must. From security gadgets that keep your belonging safe to durable shoes that can take you from the airport to cities by foot, having the best accessories designed for travelers is something that should not be ignored. As a result, investing in a jacket as well—one that’s not only going to keep you warm and dry but also safe from thieves—is also valuable.

To help you narrow down your search, we’ve found the top three made for men and women that are an asset to any traveler’s closet.

BauBax: for Men and Women

BauBax is one of the most interesting types of travel jackets around. They have a compartment for everything, as well as a built-in eye mask and neck pillow. In terms of storage, there’s a pocket for your sunglasses, blanket, phone, stylus, iPad and more. Other features include an attached microfiber cloth to clean your glasses or sunglasses at any time (say goodbye to searching or losing your loose cloth), gloves, and a pocket designed to keep your hands warm during freezing temperatures. You can also store your headphones or earbuds for easy access. It’s a one-of-a-kind travel jacket that will last you for years, no matter where you go in the world.

Price: $199 from BauBax: click here for men, click here for women

Fjallraven Raven Jacket

Fjallraven is a well-known Swedish brand that’s been around for more than 50 years. The brand offers various types of jackets, but the Fjallraven Raven jacket is a fantastic option—it’s durable, and has four pockets on the outside to store various belongings including one additional pocket inside the jacket to keep your valuables safe. The Fjallraven Raven jacket features an attached rain-repellant hood you can store inside the collar and is made from cotton and polyester to keep you warm from the wind. Although this travel jacket is not 100 percent rain-resistant, it will work for less extreme rainfall.

Price: $329.95 from Zappos

Columbia Voodoo Jacket

Columbia is known to have some amazing jackets for various weather conditions, and although there are so many to choose from, we chose the Columbia Voodoo as the go-to travel jacket. It’s made from materials that are entirely made with “responsibly sourced down”, so no animal was harmed for the use of their feathers. Columbia Voodoo Jacket features “Omni-Heat technology” to keep your body warm in the cold, is water-resistant, comfortably hugs your body for a great fit, comes with two pockets for your hands that close via a zipper, and has a hood that can be tightened to keep out additional wind and rain. Although it doesn’t feature as much as the BauBax, it’s a perfect compact jacket that can fit almost anywhere.

Price: varies from $70 – $205 on Amazon: click here for men or here for women