Compression socks are known to be used by athletes and those who suffer from blood circulation problems, but they are also perfect for people who travel long distances especially via an airplane.

When we’re 30,000 feet above the ground, we are stuck in the same position for hours on end, blood isn’t able to flow properly and our legs swell. This, at times, can cause blood clots, but by wearing compression socks, the tightness can help regulate blood flow and ease muscle pain and stiffness.

When purchasing compression socks, it’s important you keep in mind a few things. First, choose the perfect height of the socks for your needs, especially if you have some medical issues. The higher the socks, the better the circulation. Second, select the right type of fabric that will offer you all the right features. For instance, there are compression socks for travel that are thicker to keep your legs warm, and ones that are thinner and offer more breathability. There are also socks that are designed to prevent sweat and odor. Lastly, make sure you purchase the correct type of compression socks for travel. There are ones that are for athletes, ones for pregnant women, ones to help ease the pain for those suffering from certain medical conditions, and then there are generic compression socks for travel.

The Internet is full of options, so we’ve selected three socks perfect flying, all with a 4.5+ star rating on Amazon:

• Physix Gear Sport: these fashionable compression socks are breathable, lightweight and comfortable. The Physix Gear Sport offers 20-30 mmHg of compression and is an excellent choice to help ease muscle pain and increase blood flow, especially while sitting in an airplane seat for hours. Price: $9.95 – $28.95 from Amazon for men and women.

SB Sox: these socks another great option and comes in four different sizes. Their compression socks for travel are also between 20-30 mmHg and are designed with a cushioned heel and toe support for greater comfort. Price: $4.95 – $18.99 from Amazon for men and women.

• BLITZU: these compression socks are also designed for travelers, and provide the same amount of compression as Physix Gear Sport and SB Sox. Aside from the basic black and white colors, BLITZU compression socks come in some fun options as well such as pink and purple. They offer 100% money back guarantee, so why not give them a try? Price: $5.97 – $15.97 from Amazon for men and women.

Do you wear compression socks when you fly?