Two years ago, Google released Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence software available on your devices and Google Home. However, the Silicon Valley giant has made even further advancements to this technology that can make a traveler’s life stress-free. From booking stays and making dinner reservations to finding things to do while putting it all into one easy-to-access calendar list, Google Assistant is changing the way we all do travel.

Without having to open up your laptop, or type into your device, Google Assistant may now become the go-to tool to arrange your entire travel itinerary. We recommend you have access to your Google Calendar since everything will be scheduled there. If you’re thinking of adding Google Assistant to your travel tech collection, then here are some great features you can use to help get you started.

Check into Flights & View Boarding Passes

Currently, this feature is only available to those flying on United, domestically, but is something that Google is looking to offer other airlines as well. If you do find yourself with a ticket on a United domestic flight, just ask Google to check you in and show you your boarding pass right on your phone.

Book Hotel Stays

It’s as easy as saying “Hey Google, get me a room at the JW Marriott in Hong Kong for December 1st”, in which Google Assistant will be able to provide prices and availability. If everything sounds good, say “book” and you’re all set! Staying in different cities or countries, ask Google Assistant to book the stays there as well.

Stay Connected

If you’re heading to the airport or away from it, Google Assistant can text messages to friends, family or co-workers letting them know you’re on your way or about to fly. Messaging isn’t limited to SMS either, you can use WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and more.

Or, tell Google Assistant to put on your favorite podcast or your old tunes playlist without having to search in your phone.

Help Translate

It would be amazing if we can speak all the major languages around the world, and although many can speak more than one, having the ability to access a translator at any time can be useful when in a foreign country. With Google Assistant, you can retrieve your personal translator at any time, and have it translate words or phrases right then and there. Currently, Google Assistant is programmed to know 27 languages (and this number will keep growing). If you want to learn some words or phrases in another language, Google Assistant can help you with that as well.

Ready to add Google Assitant to your travel tech collection? Download it here, available for both Android and Apple devices.