If you’re familiar with Cathay Pacific A330 business class, then the one found on their A350s may look very familiar. Nonetheless, there are several differences that you may notice if flying on this aircraft in business class.

The seat has been designed by Studio F.A. Porsche, but a bit more polished. Let’s take a look at these contrasts a bit more closely.

Cathay Pacific A350 business class seat updated its storage sections, including the side cabinet which has a pocket to store your smaller loose items such as mobile phone, wallet and passport. The side cabinet also has a relatively bigger mirror than the one found on the A330—the better to see yourself with.

Another storage section found closer to the entertainment screen is also bigger and has a lid to keep your other personal items secure and out of sight. Need a place for larger items like your laptop or shoes? Below the ottoman is an open area that can accommodate exactly that.

Moving on to the seat controls, you will notice a mini light designed for reading that can be dimmed, seat controls that are more efficient (who else likes one-touch buttons?). The control was also converted into a mini touchscreen monitor.

In terms of space, Cathay Pacific A350 business class seat has more room by your knees on both sides, plus there’s a console on the side that can be adjusted—perfect for those who sleep on their side. Travelers going between Hong Kong and other Asian cities such as Manila, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Singapore, and Kansai will be sitting aboard these business class seats. Additionally, those flying to London, Dusseldorf, and Aukland will also find themselves on Cathay Pacific’s A350 aircraft.