Qantas has some impressive lounges around the world, including the invite-only Chairmans Lounge at various Australian airports, their First Class lounge at Heathrow, and soon a luxurious lounge at Singapore International Airport.

We previously wrote about this upcoming lounge, but now there’s more to be said and shown. Let’s take a closer look inside at what travelers can expect when Qantas opens up this Frist Class lounge this November.

The interior is gorgeously designed with marble being used for tables, sections of the floor and the bar. Moreover, Qantas incorporates colors used on their most recent business class seats and cabin aboard the Dreamliner, which includes golds, dark greys, black and shades of beige. A combination of colors that helps ease into relaxation.

With a maximum capacity of up to 240 customers, Qantas‘ first class Singapore lounge offers plenty of seating throughout. From large sofas, leather and cloth chairs to desk chairs and semi-private loveseats, the lounge offers just the right mix of seats designed for work or play.

The dining area is elegant and high-end, featuring a bar, à la carte menu and an open kitchen concept, allowing travelers to see what the cooks and chef are preparing. Who doesn’t like to see the hard work in the kitchen?

In order to get the design just right, Qantas has teamed up with David Caon, who is developing the entire plan and layout, look and feel of the lounge via Virtual Reality (VR). This is allowing Qantas to nail down every detail before they begin constructing the interior.

Aside from the lounging and dining, Qantas‘ first class Singapore lounge will also feature shower rooms. Customers will be able to refresh before the next flight.

Although we’ll have to wait until almost the end of the year, it will be luxurious once it does open. Who else is looking forward to seeing this new lounge alive in action?

For a quick preview, check out the video below, courtesy of Qantas.