Last year, ANA announced a new first class suite, which travelers can now experience when flying to/from Tokyo and Hawaii starting this May. Even if you’ve flown in first class on ANA Boeing 777, these new suites are different. But the seats are not the only upgrade.

ANA has also changed up the dining menu and dinnerware, sleepwear and the amenity kits. Let’s explore each of these upgrades a little further.

The Seat

Each of the eight suites will feature a door that can be closed for complete privacy (current first class seats are not completely private), large table, window divider for the two ANA first class seats situated in the middle, entertainment screen measuring 32-inches, USB and AC power plugs, two different lights (one for reading and one for mealtime), and lots of storage space for various-sized, personal items.

The size of the suite has not yet been revealed, but it will be spacious enough, even for the taller folk.

The Food

Another improvement to first class is the cuisine on the Honolulu-Tokyo route. There will be more options to choose from, including meals created by an Italian restaurant called Noe during the flight. Moreover, travelers can also order 24 hours pre-departure so you will not have to worry about something running out.

The food isn’t the only enhancement. ANA will also offer upgraded dinnerware to make each cuisine more presentable and even more pleasant to eat.

The Amenities

First class is all about comfort, which is why ANA first class passengers will be able to enjoy their private suite in luxurious new pajamas that are softer. These pajamas have been designed to help keep the body warm without causing it to overheat (an additional cardigan and slippers are provided as well). Moreover, each suite will come with Egyptian cotton blankets and down pillows both filled with duck feathers. ANA is working hard to make sure you can feel right at home 30,000 feet above the ground.

Another upgrade is the Globe-Trotter amenity kit, which comes in five different colors (which rotate every few months) featuring products from The GINZA Essence Empowering, such as a day cream, night cream and cleanser. The kit will also include toothpaste, toothbrush, earplugs and an eye mask. Additional items such as mouth wash, cleansing sheets, comb, socks and tissues can be requested on board.

The Executive VP of All Nippon Airways, Yutaka Ito said, “We want to ensure that travelers, especially on long-haul flights arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to achieve their goals, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure,” hence the overhaul.

How many of you are excited about the upgraded ANA first class experience? For a virtual tour, check out the video below, courtesy of ANA Global Channel.